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【书籍搬运】Mages Guild Charter 法师公会规章

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benlaron 译

I. 宗旨


II. 官方沿革

法师公会始建于2E 230年,由Vanus Galerion以及Rilis XII在Summerset岛上成立

III. 制度与处分


修订:以下条例生效于3E 431年,即任何公会成员对公会实施犯罪将立即给予停职处分。法师议事会委员可以酌情取消停职处分。被多次处以停职处分的公会成员,将可能当场并永久地被公会解雇。

IV. 会员的基本要求


V. 申请入会


修订1:以下条例生效于3E 431年,即根据大法师Traven的建议,所有希望入会的候选人必须得到所有法师公会分会的主管委员的同意,并由他们按时向法师议事会提交推荐信。

修订2:以下条例生效于3E 431年,即根据议事会的命令,在帝国行省中的魔法销售将根据不同的分会而重新分布。以下分会将对应于不同的魔法学派:<br>

变化系: 夏丁赫尔(Cheydinhal)
召唤系: 科洛尔(Chorrol)
毁灭系(又称破坏系): 斯肯格拉德(Skingrad)
幻术系: 布拉维尔(Bravil)
神秘系: 利雅文(Leyawiin)
恢复系: 安维尔(Anvil)

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Imperial Charter of the Guild of Mages
Rules for membership of the Mages Guild

I. Purpose
The Guild of Mages provides benefits to scholars of magic and established laws regarding the proper use of magic. The Guild is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and distribution of magical knowledge with an emphasis on ensuring that all citizens of Tamriel benefit from this knowledge.
II. Authority
The Guild of Mages was established on Summerset Isle in the year 230 of the Second Era by Vanus Galerion and Rilis XII. It was later confirmed by the "Guilds Act" of Potentate Versidue-Shaie.
III. Rules and Procedures
Crimes against fellow members of the Guild are treated with the harshest discipline. Whether a member may regain their status in the Guild is determined by the Arch-Mage.

ADDENDUM: Effective 3E 431, any guild member commiting a crime against the guild is to be suspended immediately. The suspension may be lifted at the discretion of the Steward of the Council of Mages. Any guild member receiving multiple suspensions may, at the determination of the council, be summarily and permanently dismissed from the guild.

IV. Membership Requirements
The Guild of Mages only accepts candidates of keen intelligence and dominant will. Candidates must exhibit mastery in the great schools of magic: Destruction, Alteration, Illusion, and Mysticism. Candidates must also display practical knowledge of enchantments and alchemical processes.
V. Applications for Membership Candidates must present themselves to the Steward of the Guild Hall for examination and approval.

ADDENDUM: Effective 3E 431, as per Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven, all candidates for membership in the Guild of Mages must be approved by all presiding Guild Hall stewards, with said approval submitted in writing to the Council of Mages in a timely manner.

ADDENDUM: Effective 3E 431, as per Council mandate, sale of spells in the Imperial Province is to be re-distributed across guild halls. The following halls are to be responsible for each School of Magic:

Alteration: Cheydinhal
Conjuration: Chorrol
Destruction: Skingrad
Illusion: Bravil
Mysticism: Leyawiin
Restoration: Anvil

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