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【书籍搬运】Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts Yngol和海鬼

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玛瑟和塞甘达两艘大船搭载着伊斯格拉莫的伙伴(500勇士)由阿特莫拉航向美拉斯,当在萨里可尖突 布满岩礁的海滩登陆后,船只都散落在海岸上,但是伊斯格拉莫发现自己儿子英格尔搭乘船只并不包含在内。




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Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts
A tale of Ysgramor's first adventure in Tamriel

Masser and Secunda passed over Ysgramor's people as their fellowship landed in long-boats upon the rocky shores of Hsaarik Head on their journey from Atmora to Mereth. Boats littered the coast, but Ysgramor did not count his kin, Yngol's among them.
Ysgramor commanded the sea-ghosts to surrender his kin, and a great gale darkened the sky. The seas thrashed and churned, and a wrathful storm appeared. Ysgramor took up the oars and rowed into the storm alone.
Upon the Sea, Ysgramor wrestled the sea-ghosts, and the storm carried him along the jagged coast. Two fortnights passed without relief, until finally the storm broke. Come the next dawn, Yngol's long-boat was found in the icy surf, but the vengeful sea-ghosts had already taken Yngol and his clansmen.
In his terrible grief, Ysgramor slew a dozen dozen beasts and burned them in honor of his fallen kinsman. A barrow-hill was dug in the Atmoran tradition, and Yngol was laid to rest with rites and honors among his clansmen far below the rocky face of Hsaarik Head, the first Children of the Sky to perish in Tamriel.

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