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【书籍搬运】Wyndelius’s Journal Wyndelius 的日记

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文德留斯·加萨里安日记 一个陷入疯狂的财宝猎人的日记文书



4E 200年,晨星月 18号



4E 200年,晨星月 25号


4E 200年,晨星月 28号

在一些失败的尝试之后,我找到了一个有效的混合物来实施这个计划,色彩很棒,我必须被一个伊瓦镇 人从内心深处当作这个坟墓的幽魂。明天试一下。

4E 200年,晨星月 29号


4E 200年,炉火月 11号


4E 200年,日暮月 20号


4E 200年,夜星月 18号

为什么?为什么他们要让我痛苦?为什么不毁灭我?我是… 我是谁?我的头开始嗡嗡作响,我什么都记不起来。我必须要读我的日记才明白我的目的。我是这个坟墓的一部分么?我本来是要守护它么?我会变成什么?

1E 1050年


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Journal of Wyndelius Gatharian
by Wyndelius Gatharian
A journal documenting a treasure-hunter's descent into madness.

4E 200, 18 Morning Star
I've set up camp inside the barrow. This has to be the place. According to all of my research, the burial chamber should be located here. All I need is some time undisturbed to find the claw. It must be hidden here somewhere.

4E 200, 25 Morning Star
Had a close call today with that fool Wilhelm. He came close to entering the barrow, but I was able to scare him off by rattling some pottery shards in a bag. These people are far too superstitious for their own good. Gives me an idea.

4E 200, 28 Morning Star
After a few failures, I've come up with a mixture that should do the trick. The glow is perfect - I should look exactly like one of the supposed spirits the people of Ivarstead believe is haunting this barrow. Going to test it out tomorrow.

4E 200, 29 Morning Star
Success! It worked better than I could have imagined. All I had to do was wander about the entrance to the barrow at night and wave my arms about. I had to stop myself from laughing aloud as they ran away. This should keep them at bay while I continue searching for the claw.

4E 200, 11 Hearthfire
Almost half a year has passed and no sign of the claw or any clues as to its whereabouts. This is becoming maddening. It has to be here! Can't risk hiring any assistance, so I'll have to continue alone.

4E 200, 20 Sun's Dusk
It isn't here. It can't be here. This isn't right. It must be the people of Ivarstead... they must be on to my ruse, and they're toying with me. They want to find the burial chamber on their own and keep the riches for themselves!

4E 200, 18 Evening Star
Why? Why are they tormenting me? Why not just destroy me? I'm... who am I? My head is becoming clouded, I can't remember anything. I have to read my journal to remember my purpose. Am I a part of this tomb? Am I meant to guard it? What's becoming of me?

1E 1050
...They shall not take my treasure. They shall all pay dearly for their crimes. Any who set foot within these walls will taste my wrath, my power. I am the guardian of Shroud Hearth Barrow! All who oppose me will fall...

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