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【书籍搬运】Umana’s Journal 乌玛娜日记

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距离瓦莉失踪差不多已有一个星期,现在 恩德拉斯特也不见了。循着血迹,我们来到一处门闩紧栓的门前,但是苏拉认为他们已经找到穿越该门的方法,并且试图把他排除在探险队外。




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Umana's Journal
by Umana
A record of an ill-fated exploration of Dwemer ruins in Skyrim.

It's been about a week since Valie went missing and now Endrast is gone too. We found blood leading over to the barred off doorway, but Sulla seems to think that they found a way through and that they are trying to cut him out of the discovery.
He keeps saying that we need to press on. We've manage to break through into another section of the ruins, an "Animonculory", where the dwarves would produce their automatons.
We learned the hard way that the metal creatures are still alive in there and it hasn't improved Yag's mood at all. She holds that the Khajiit brothers aren't involved with the disappearances and has been keeping a hard eye on Sulla.
The rations have all but run out and we are going to have to decide soon whether to brave the storm or try to push further into the ruins. I don't know if the echoes of screams I've heard in my sleep are those of our missing comrades, or my own nightmares.

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