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【书籍搬运】The True Nature of Orcs 兽人真正的本质(兽人的起源)

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英文名:The True Nature of Orcs




兽人是在黎明纪元以后出现的.历史错误的将他们归为和哥布林一类的野兽人,事实上兽人们是Trinimac的孩子.Trinimac是一位强大的高精灵祖先的灵魂.当Trinimac被Daedra王子Boethiah吃掉后,Trinimac就转变成了一个令人憎恶的Daedra神,而他的孩子们也转变了,成了我们今天所看见的兽人.兽人们有个古老的名字叫"Orsimer",意思是"被排斥的人".现在兽人们跟随着由Trinimac变成的 Malauch神.


他是个我们众所周知的Daedra王子,Malauch,“他的周围环绕着藐视和排斥,恶毒的誓言以及可怕的诅咒.”严格地说来,他不是一个真正意义上的Daedra神,其他的Daedra也不认同他,但是这个称号对他来说还是很合适的.在很久以前他是Trinimac,一个强大的高精灵神, 在某些地方他比Auri-El更受欢迎.Auri-El是高精灵部落的保护者,让他们不会遭到来自外部和内部的敌人的威胁.当Trinimac以及他的追随者们试图阻止Veloth的迁徙的时候,Boethiah来了并吃了他.后来Trinimac的身体和灵魂开始堕落了,于是他就变成了 Malacath.他的所有追随者们也变得更丑陋了.后来他们被其他所有人鄙视和唾弃,尤其是那个没有受到亵渎的的Auri-El.于是他们就逃到了 Saarthal边上的北方荒地,为了生存他们开始和NORD人以及北地精灵作战,但从战争中他们没有获得太多的土地.在Skyrim,Malacath 被叫做"Orkey"或者是"旧门环",他和Ysmir的战斗充满了传奇色彩.



Boethiah——————欺骗与诡计之神,15个Daedra王子/公主之一 Malauch———————诅咒者和诅咒之神,15个Daedra王子/公主之一 Veloth————————一个精灵先知,带领北地精灵离开了高精灵 Skyrim——————————最北边的行省,是诺德人(Nord)的家乡 Saarthal—————————-Ysgramor带领着诺德人移民船队在断裂海角(Broken Cape)附近建立了第一个诺德城市Saarthal. Ysmir———————————-一个不朽的英雄、战士、法师和王者,他有许多不同的名字

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The True Nature of Orcs
Book detailing the Orsimer race and their origin

Note: The Online version of this book includes a declaration that it is banned within the Daggerfall Covenant, labeling it "anti-Orc propaganda".

Orcs were born during the latter days of the Dawn Era. History has mislabeled them beastfolk, related to the goblin races, but the Orcs are actually the children of Trinimac, strongest of the Altmeri ancestor spirits. When Trinimac was eaten by theDaedroth Prince Boethiah, and transformed in that foul god's insides, the Orcs were transformed as well. The ancient name for the Orcs is 'Orsimer,' which means 'The Pariah Folk.' They now followMalauch, the remains of Trinimac.
Who is Malauch?
He is more commonly know as the Daedroth Prince Malacath, 'whose sphere is the patronage of the spurned and ostracized, the sworn oath, and the bloody curse.' He is not technically a Daedra Lord, nor do the other Daedra recognize him as such, but this is fitting for his sphere. Of old he was Trinimac, the champion of the High Elven pantheon, in some places more popular than Auri-El, who protected them against enemies without and within. When Trinimac and his followers attempted to halt the Velothi dissident movement, Boethiah ate him. Trinimac's body and spirit were corrupted, and he emerged as Malacath. His followers were likewise changed for the worse. Despised by everyone, especially the inviolate Auri-El, they quickly fled to the northern wastes, nearSaarthal. They fought Nords and Chimer for a place in the world, but did not get much. In Skyrim, Malacath is called Orkey, or Old Knocker, and his battles with Ysmir are legendary.

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