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【书籍搬运】The Totems of Hircine 赫希恩图腾

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其次:大腿骨 ,和头骨一样精雕细琢,只是来自于其他不知名的动物。在很多古老的兄弟会中也被用作捣药杵,据说这能带来一种自我意识(狼人直觉)上的升华,不管在视觉还是嗅觉上均有裨益,这样猎物就永远不会逃离我们的视线之外。



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Werewolf tales regarding artifacts of Hircine

Among those of us to whom Lord Hircine bestowed his most precious gift ofLycanthropy, there are legends that he also set into the world specific artifacts of his power. They date to a period when men could neither write, nor speak, nor barely think, but the powers of blood of the beast were yet flowing strong among the selected.

The first: a carved skull, of the wolf itself. Used by those ancient shamans in the blood ceremonies that created our lineage, it is said to grant a great presence to those who prostrate themselves before it, such that those who witness their forms cower in a terror unknown except to those who have glimpsed the face of Hircine himself.

The second: a thigh bone, carved as the skull, but from some animal unknown. Used as some form of medicinal wand in the more ancient brotherhood, it was said to grant a kind of heightened awareness, both in sight and smell, such that the prey could never flee too far from our senses.

The third: a simple drum, its mundane appearance meaning it is most likely lost to the mists of long ago time. As our fathers would beat time to summon their brethren from the fields, so too would our forebears in the blood call their allies to them with its pounding.

Through these totems, we channel and focus our energies of the beast. While werewolves give up the powers of magic known to men, we can tap into a more direct natural energy at times, and through these totems, discover the abilities that first tamed the world before wrought civilization sullied it.

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