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【书籍搬运】The Third Era Timeline 第三纪元时间线

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作者:贾斯普斯· 伊甘罗斯






3E 0 第三纪元开始,所有省份统一

3E 38 泰伯·赛普丁,逝世,柏拉鸠斯继位

3E 41 柏拉鸠斯王被刺杀,肯蒂娜继位

3E 48 肯蒂娜去世,尤里尔 I一世继位

3E 64 国王尤里尔一世去世,尤里尔二世国王即位

3E 82 国王尤里尔二世 去世,柏拉鸠斯二世等位

3E 99 柏拉鸠斯二世逝世,安提奥卡斯荣登大统


3E 110 岛屿战争

3E 111 阿米尔·兰努斯创立九骑士

3E 114 肯蒂娜二世被宣告死亡

3E 119 柏拉鸠斯三世出生

3E 121 尤里尔三世宣誓就职

3E 121 红钻石战争

3E 123, 霜降月23日,帝国皇帝肯蒂娜二世被秘密囚禁至死

3E 127 尤里尔三世死亡,塞佛鲁斯一世即位

3E 137 孤寂城女王帕特玛逝世,

3E 140 塞佛鲁斯一世去世,玛格纳斯皇帝等位

3E 145 玛格纳斯皇帝去世,柏拉鸠斯三世即位

3E 153 柏拉鸠斯三世去世

3E 153 卡塔莉娅从丈夫柏拉鸠斯三世那里继承皇权,成为皇帝


3E 200 卡塔莉娅皇帝去世,凯斯殷德继位

3E 202 凯斯殷德皇帝逝世,尤里尔 四世继位

3E 247 尤里尔 四世去世,塞佛鲁斯二世继位

3E 249 巫妖篡位者卡莫兰入侵帝国

3E 253 篡位者卡莫兰 用梦魇之宿控制了 德温安地区

3E 267 篡位者卡莫兰被击败

3E 268 尤里尔 五世继位

3E 271-3E 284 在四世基础上实现帝国大一统

3E 288 被尤里尔 赛普丁四世征服的阿卡维尔入侵

3E 290 尤里尔 五世去世,尤里尔 六世继位


3E 307 尤里尔 六世时帝国达到全盛

3E 320 尤里尔 六世逝世,莫丽哈莎继位

3E 331 帝国袖珍指南第二版出版

3E 339 莫丽哈莎皇帝被刺杀,柏拉鸠斯四世继位

3E 389 杰卡·萨恩幽禁尤里尔 赛普丁 七世

3E 396 泰姆瑞尔爆发局部战争

3E 396 阿纳先 战争

3E 399 杰卡·萨恩被击败

3E 399 奥辛纽姆建立


3E 403 -匕落城之王莱山达斯被刺杀

3E 414 – 瓦丹非尔 领土开放移民

3E 417 – 西部卷曲开始出现

3E 421 – 格蕾韦恩建立赤红伤疤

3E 427 – 枯萎诅咒开始从瓦丹非尔蔓延到奈瑞瓦

3E 427 – 索尔斯丹姆岛上,血月谶言开始流传

3E 432 – 帝国袖珍指南第三版出版

3E 433 – 尤里尔·赛普丁七世被刺杀

3E 433 – 湮灭危机

3E 433 -九骑士重建

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Third Era
An Abbreviated Timeline
The Last Year of the First Era
by Jaspus Ignateous
An accounting of the most significant events of the Third Era

Note:Undoubtedly, the author meant to say Third Era in the title, not First Era. There are several unnecessary words in the text which are obviously fragments left over from revisions, but they are part of the article, so please do not remove them.

It has been said that "citizens of the Empire who make the same mistakes as their forebears deserve to suffer the same fate." And while this may be true, it's hard to deny that the Empire's history is so long, and our forebears have made so many mistakes, it's sometimes hard to keep track.
This work is meant to serve as a concise compilation of the Empire's most recent events, in this, our current age - what we refer to as the Third Era. It is a period of time that has as yet comprised less than five hundred years. But it should at least serve as a starting point for those who wish to study our Empire's vast and varied history. And maybe, just maybe, prevent the repeat of a previous disaster.
It is also worth noting that when viewed in such a succinct structure, one truly gets a sense of just how often our great Empire has changed leadership. Indeed, it can be argued that much of the Empire's history in these past five centuries is the changing rule of that very Empire itself.

First Century

Second Century

Third Century

Fourth Century

Fifth Century

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