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【书籍搬运】The Dragon Break 龙破

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英文名:The Dragon Break

作者:Fal Droon



第三纪元的后期是一个不平凡的时期,宗教间的酝酿和创造都在这一时期爆发.Uriel七世统治下的各种剧变可以被认为是历史推动力的一种标志,这种推动力可以直接导致Septim王朝的末落.“Dragon Break”学说就在这个时候被横跨帝国的各宗教派系和边缘教会所提出.这个学说联系着许多围绕着Tiber Septim崛起的事件和谜团——这些也被称作"王朝建立之谜".这里指的当然是Septim王朝了.

现在所知的Dragon Break学说的基本内容就是"在时间线中一个平凡的错位",这些内容被3纪元12年出版的权威著作"Tamriel大百科全书"所收录,那时还处于 Tiber Septim的早期统治.在那时,档案馆是不对人类学者开放的,而一些从Alessian统治时期遗留下来的资料也是断断续续,不完整的.当年, Alessian秩序成员们系统地烧毁了所有他们找到的图书馆;他们自己所记载的文献也在Righteousness战争时期被毁.

"Tamriel大百科全书"的作者显然并不熟悉Alessian统治时期的记年法,当年他们的神职人员就是靠此种记年法来登记日期的.我们现在知道这种记年法是基于那时高层女祭司对未来预知的长度,一般来说能持续几个星期到几个月.在对现存的预知卷轴和Alessian寺庙进行研究分析后,我估计 Alessian秩序组织的统治时期只持续了大概150年左右,而不是"Tamriel大百科全书"中所说的"1008年".记载中的Alessian统治时期竟然比实际多出近千年.这是一个谜团,它被人们所接受但一直未被解释直到Lorkhan教会在3纪元后期的出现.那时Dragon Break学说刚好被提出.因为学说中年代的测定(包括解释)在那时受到广泛地支持,接着被历史学家们一代代的往下传递,直到今天,如今它已然成为了一种传统力量.回想一下,第三纪元的历史学家们距离Alessian的统治时期有2000多年之久,而我们对那时历史的了解程度还是处在萌芽期,只能依靠一些从那个时代遗留下来的少量资料来了解.

今天,现代的考古学和占卜学都印证了我对Alessian年代测定的早期研究成果:Dragon Break学说是在第三纪元后期被提出来的,该学说是基于一个学术性的错误,并连结着末世学,Numidiumism的诸多谜团,被学术界永远保存.


Tiber Septim—————-Tamriel大陆的第一位皇帝,他在第二纪元末征服了整个大陆并开创了Septim王朝.


Numidiumism——————矮人族制作的一个威力无比的机械巨人,Tiber Septim就是靠它去征服诸多行省的.

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The Dragon Break Re-Examined
by Fal Droon
Explanation of a historical error of timing

The late 3rd era was a period of remarkable religious ferment and creativity. The upheavals of the reign of Uriel VII were only the outward signs of the historical forces that would eventually lead to the fall of the Septim Dynasty. The so called "Dragon Break" was first proposed at this time, by a wide variety of cults and fringe sects across the Empire, connected only by a common obsession with the events surrounding Tiber Septim's rise to power -- the "founding myth", if you will, of the Septim Dynasty.
The basis of the Dragon Break doctrine is now known to be a rather prosaic error in the timeline printed in the otherwise authoritative "Encyclopedia Tamrielica", first published in 3E 12, during the early years of Tiber Septim reign. At that time, the archives of Alinor were still inaccessible to human scholars, and the extant records from the Alessian period were extremely fragmentary. The Alessians had systematically burned all the libraries they could find, and their own records were largely destroyed during the War of Righteousness.
The author of the Encyclopedia Tamrielica was apparently unfamiliar with the Alessian "year", which their priesthood used to record all dates. We now know this refers to the length of the long vision-trances undertaken by the High Priestess, which might last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Based on analysis of the surviving trance scrolls, as well as murals and friezes from Alessian temples, I estimate that the Alessian Order actually lasted only about 150 years, rather than the famous "one thousand and eight years" given by the Encyclopedia Tamrielica. The "mystery" of the millennial-plus rule of the Alessians was accepted but unexplained until the spread of the Lorkhan cults in the late 3rd era, when the doctrine of the Dragon Break took hold. Because this dating (and explanation) was so widely held at the time, and then repeated by historians down through today, it has come to have the force of tradition. Recall, however, that the 3rd era historians were already separated from the Alessians by a gulf of more than 2,000 years. And history was still in its infancy, relying on the few archives from those early days.
Today, modern archaeology and paleonumerology have confirmed what my own research in Alessian dating first suggested: that the Dragon Break was invented in the late 3rd era, based on a scholarly error, fueled by obsession with eschatology and Numidiumism, and perpetuated by scholarly inertia.

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