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【书籍搬运】Songs of the Return, vol 24 归来之歌 卷24

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Krilot Lok的首个传说

翻译:花溪流萤(这篇翻译的一头雾水 orz)


Krilot Lok的队伍便是其中一支,这群健壮颀长一族来自阿特莫拉[东部]边境。他们皮肤红润足以媲美晨曦,据传朝阳本身的颜色[她的瑰丽光彩]即来自于破晓所见首张脸庞。伟大的凯娜激励他们斗志,借助风势,众人一路西行,泰姆瑞尔崭新大陆正在向他们招手。


勇敢Krilot Lok一族中,最为勇猛的当属Roeth和长老Breff,两者乃是伟大坚盾兄弟(常常互换战矛),以及[他们]好战的妻子Britte和Greyf(正义之子),两人合称坚盾姐妹,均能独当一面,横渡冰封海面播撒[颤栗之怒?]。四人一行足迹远达深渊巨树构建的充满恶臭的蛇人故国,在阿特莫拉庇佑下,他们无惧泰姆瑞尔任何一片海岸,他们勇往直前前往最为危险的新大陆探险。


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Songs of the Return
Volume 24
The First Tale of the Krilot Lok
Part of the traditional legend of Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions

[When the time came for] breaking of camp, not all crews took southwards across the rolling lands. Some turned with quick eyes back to their ships, for their hearts were bounded to the waves as sure as they were bounded to each other [as allied Companions].
One such crew was that of the Krilot Lok, sinewy long folk from the [eastern] edge of Atmora. Their ruddy skin matched the dawn and it was often said that morning herself learned [her glorious colors from] the first faces to meet her at the break of day. The great Kyne lifted their souls and their winds, propelling them westwards with the new lands of Tamriel ever beckoning to the south.
In time, these perpetual wanderers came upon sights fearsome and terrible. Entire kingdoms of men beyond their recognition, skin charred like overcooked meatElves [even more devious than the northern betrayers] disgraced their horizons, until they learned the sheltered ways between. Great deserts the likes of which were never known in the homeland, peopled by beasts that spoke like men, with the [savagery?] of elves. Many a notable and well-sung Companion met his end at the spears of the legged snakes of the southern marsh.
Among the brave crew of the Krilot Lok were of Roeth and Breff the Elder, the great Shield-Brothers (who often swapped spears), and [their] war-wives, Britte and Greyf (the fair child), Shield-Sisters in their own right who could bring [the face of terror?] across the ice-chilled seas. Together these four stared into the abyss of trees that formed the foul-smelling homeland of the snake-men. And as they were blessed Atmorans who feared no shore of Tamriel, they ventured forth to seek out their glories in the most dangerous of these new lands.
Onward they flew, ravaging the swamplands, beating a trail between themselves and their ship such that they would never lose sight of the shore. In the far-off day when at last Roeth would fall, when Britte screamed her famed war-cry so that all the marshes were emptied, this trail would fill once more with the treacherous snake men. So began the [burning?] march of these great captains of us all.

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