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【书籍搬运】Smuggler's Journal Smuggler的日记

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Smuggler’s Journal



就拿现在这个工作来说. 某人雇佣我们运一打板条箱并且别多问问题. 因此我们把货物运到了地方然后我往箱子里看了一眼想知道我让自己扯上了啥.我找到了什么?

一堆尸体! 个狗杂种让我运一堆尸体! 好吧,老子摸光了尸体上的首饰和金子,现在玩笑开在他身上了.

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Smuggler's Journal

This war isn't as good for business as I'd thought it would be. Sure the pay is good, but the runs are harder with all the extra soldiers on the roads and finding jobs that are worth the risk is difficult.
Like our current job. Guy hires us to move a bunch of crates with few questions asked. So we get the goods here and I take a look in the boxes, just to know what I've gotten myself into. And what do I find?
Bodies! That bastard has me moving bodies! Well I stripped them of their jewels and gold, so the joke's on him.

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