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【书籍搬运】Sild’s Journal Sild的日记

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原文地址 http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Sild%27s_Journal

Sild’s 日记

by Sild the Warlock



4th of 夜星月, 4E 200 我的单纯的陷阱竟然如此奏效一直让我很吃惊.我可能不得不考虑去拧下翻盖了. 近来这几个月掉下来的家伙们大部分在撞到铁笼地板的时候摔死了. 放一两英尺水进去也没用. 事实上,这样做可能正在让事情更糟糕.最后一个掉进来的家伙把手脚全摔断了! 他想在那里面浮起来但是最后淹死了. 如果没有水的话我就会有很多时间去扭曲他的思想直到我想了结了他.

8th of 夜星月, 4E 200 最终。。。又俘虏了一个. 现在明确了一点,任何兽人都在体格和力量方面有增强在精神力方面有欠缺. 我为他们还能说话感到疑惑. 他不停的说在他出去的时候他要把我像嫩枝一样折两段。。。他还蛮能说的不是嘛?不管怎么样,我对他说如果他能在这个蜡烛烧完前一直让脑袋在水里憋住气我就让他自由. 这蠢货在几分钟里就憋死了! 我蛮喜欢这个把戏的.

13th of 夜星月, 4E 200 我已经几天没逮到人了,最后一个倒霉蛋死在冲击力下了. 当然我还是能改造他的灵魂,不过没虐杀的快感,没有任何形式的拷问,这个过程就缺了点味道. 当然我弄出来的改造灵魂也能达成目的,不过带走一条凡人生命有更多更多。。。甜味.

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Sild's Journal
by Sild the Warlock
Journal entries on how a warlock captures live test subjects with a pit fall trap.

4th of Evening Star, 4E 200 It never ceases to amaze me how many fall for my simple trap. I may have to consider tweaking it a bit though. Many of them, in recent months, have been dying the second they hit the cage floor. Putting a foot or two of water in didn't help either. In fact, it may actually be making things worse. The last one to fall in broke both his arms and legs! He proceeded to float there and eventually drown. If it weren't for the water I would have had a great time twisting his mind until I decided to end him.
8th of Evening Star, 4E 200 Captured another one...finally. It's definitely true that whatever these Orcs gain in size and strength they lose in mental capacity. I'm amazed they can even speak. He kept saying that when he gets out he'll break me in half like a twig...persuasive isn't he? Anyway, I told him that if he holds his head under the water for as long as this candle wick lasts I'd let him go free. Stupid thing drowned within minutes! I never tire of this.
13th of Evening Star, 4E 200 I haven't captured a soul for days, and the last victim died on impact. Of course I was still able to reclaim his soul, but without the thrill of killing, or any kind of torture, the process lacks that special something. The reclaimed souls I've summoned make decent targets, but taking a mortal's life is so much more...sweet.

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