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【书籍搬运】Ramati’s Journal Ramati的日记

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作者 拉马蒂

详细记录了拉马蒂从购买寒霜flow Lighthouse到她的家族被Fal莫大屠杀这一段人生的日记.

我们最终做到了. 我们买下了lighthouse. 这么多年来,我都一直以为哈布德只是随口说说呢。毕竟,有哪个丈夫没跟老婆许诺过,要为她摘下天上的两个月亮?但实在没想到我们还真的买下它了! 现在我只烦恼我该把东西往哪儿放.

我找不到我最喜欢的烹饪锅,这让我有点恼怒. 苏迪 和马尼看起来不太高兴,但是他们还小,也不太懂得我们只是想在他们离开家闯荡世界前多和他们聚些时间的心情.我明白他们觉得他们的老爸会永远不会老, 但是我清楚老公新添的鱼尾纹在哪.老公希望哪天他死了,把他的骨头放进lighthouse的炉火里,这样他就能永远望着大海了.

两个小家伙时不时的挑起我的神经! 我想在贸易船里用来卖的纪念品中挑几件出来但是我找不到在哪!

苏迪老是说晚上地下室有什么动静, 马尼 说那是 鬣鼠s! 他们知道我讨厌 鬣鼠s!现在我被吓的不敢去那里.我很庆幸我在他们捣蛋前把我最喜欢的咖啡壶盖了起来.如果他们敢把鬣鼠s放进地下室我咒…



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Ramati's Journal
by Ramati
A journal detailing a Redguard family's purchase of the Frostflow Lighthouse leading up to their massacre by Falmer

We finally did it. We bought the lighthouse. I thought Habd was just making idle promises all these years, what husband doesn't want to promise their wife the two moons from the sky, but I didn't think we'd actually manage to get it! Now if I could only find where we put everything.

I can't find my favorite cooking pot and it is slightly infuriating. Sudiand Mani seem unhappy, but they're still young and don't seem to understand that we just want to spend a few more years with them before they leave us to see the world. I know they think their father will live forever, but I see his age creeping into his eyes. He made me promise again that when he died I would put his bones in the lighthouse fire so he could look out over the ocean forever.

Oooh those two get to me sometimes! I went to unpack some of our keepsakes from the trading ships we used to sail but I can't find them!

Sudi keeps saying she's hearing something in the basement at night and Mani suggested it wasskeevers! They know I hate skeevers! Now I'm too scared to go down there at all. I'm glad I unpacked my favorite urn and put it safely on the mantle before those two started causing mischief. If they put a skeever in the basement I swear...

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