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【书籍搬运】Of Fjori and Holgeir Fjori与Holgeir

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在她生命中的第二十九个夏天,女猎人菲约蕊,遇见了战场上的大军士霍格尔。没人记得他们为何开打,只因他们的爱情来得如此猛烈,掩过一切对抗与争夺。他们的战斗僵持不下,而他们的追随者们在旁边看着 – 直到她的剑打碎了他的斧头,他的盾弄钝了她的刀锋,所有人都看出,他们不相上下。








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Of Fjori and Holgeir
A tale of two star-crossed lovers in Skyrim

In her 29th summer of life, Fjori the huntress met the warlord Holgeir on the field of battle. None remember what they fought over, for their love to come was so great it overshadowed all rivalries or disputes. They fought to a standstill, as their followers looked on - till her sword broke his axe and his shield dulled her blade and all could see that they were equals.
As the Eagle finds its mates, so too did Fjori find hers in Holgeir, and a time of peace came to the clans of the forest. But as the summer's warmth gives way to winter's chill, so too would this peace pass.
But the Snake came and bit Holgeir, its venom seeping deep into the wound.
A Whale greeted Fjori's view as she came over the snow-covered mountains to the coast.
She obtained an elixir from the Akavir and returned to the forest in haste.
Though Holgeir could smell the winds of Sovngarde, she gave him the elixir and he was cured in an instant.
But the Snake bit Fjori as she poured the last drop into Holgeir's mouth, and fatigued from her journey, she joined the ancestors immediately.
Holgeir's grief was such that he built a tomb and upon completion, took his own life that he might rejoin her.

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