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【书籍搬运】Nepos’s Journal Nepos的日记

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Nepos’s Journal

by 大鼻子内波斯



在我晚年我感到内疚.送那么多的年轻人赴死.以Forsworn的名义. 以马丹纳赫的名义.

我的王.在Cidhna Mine的铁栅栏后面注视着我们的人.我已经为您服务了多久? 自从起义反对Nords开始? 是否曾有过哪怕一刻,我等的命运没有笼罩在暴力的阴霾下?


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Nepos's Journal
by Nepos the Nose
The regretful musings of an elderly Forsworn agent.

I grow guilt-ridden in my old age. So many of the young sent to their deaths. All in the name of the Forsworn. All in the name of Madanach.
My king. Who watches us from behind the iron bars of Cidhna Mine. How long have I served you? Since the uprising against the Nords? Was there ever a time when all that violence hasn't over-shadowed our destinies?
What choice do I have but to do as I am instructed?

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