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【书籍搬运】Medresi's Notes 迈德雷斯·德兰的日记

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Medresi's Notes
by Medresi Dran
The Journal of Medresi Dran

The Journal of Medresi Dran
On Angarvunde:

Whispers of this ancient temple have been few and far between, and most real knowledge seems similar to Angarvunde itself; buried and forgotten. Yet, every story or legend I hear all seem to speak of immeasurable riches found deep within.

"Great treasure waits for the worthy adventurer," said one old fool after many false flirtations and tankards of mead. Though he may have been a nuisance, his information matches most of my research, specifically the location of Angarvunde.

Tomorrow I will hire a mining team to assist me in my excavation and head towards the ruin. By this time next month, I shall be rich!


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