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【书籍搬运】Lymdrenn Tenvanni’s Journal Lymdrenn Tenvanni 的日记

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Lymdrenn Tenvanni’s Journal

作者Lymdrenn Tenvanni

一个父亲的遗言, 由一位家族幸存者做的译本


Brandyl,我希望这本作为你父亲遗言的日记能找到办法交到你手里. 我作为一个奶妈在你满月期间为了回报你父亲的仁慈而在House 泰尔梵尼侍奉你.我已经做了我能做的一切来找到你, 但是很遗憾我们不能面对面的相见.

Hidrya Olen

4 E 6 次种月, 周三

万事皆休? 我们是否会死在阿格里亚n入侵部队残忍尖锐的刀刃下?在Red Year死里逃生后, 在石与灰中挣扎着挖掘,掩埋了数以千计的尸骨, 这会成为我们的墓志铭? 我等之死的讽刺意味如此令人眼瞎简直比夏日当空的玛瑟还明亮. 我们自食其果; 我等人千年奴役凝聚成一声集结的呐喊,而阿格里亚n们只是单纯的在回应它而已. 所以我静坐在这里,我们房子破碎的地下室里传出的成千上万双鞋子的声音在我头顶盘旋,死亡的尖叫灌入我的双耳. House 泰尔梵尼就此陨落.

但是接下来我注视着这个孩子的眼睛, 在大陆上那瓦丹非尔不断散布炙热的死亡的非常年代里神带给我们的恩赐;这个我牢牢抓在手中的礼物.希望他有机会生存下来并能保有对我们的记忆是否要求的太多? 这个小男孩生于乱世而毁灭正在持续. 即使别无他物, 对其他dun莫而言这也是泰尔梵尼 曾是个自尊而高贵的人的纪念.

自从我妻子死后, 我无暇给我的儿子起一个合适的名字.失去了她后我从来没觉得好过过.但是我的生命已到了最后几个小时,珍贵的时间正从我的怀中溜走.我现在为你命名: Brandyl, Lymdrenn之子,House 泰尔梵尼的唯一继承人. 我将他裹在出生的襁褓中,将他的命运交给Azura 的意愿吧.


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Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal
by Lymdrenn Tenvanni
A father's last words, as transcribed by a family servant

The text implies that Brand-Shei is the last living heir of House Telvanni. This, however, is proven false by the survival of Neloth. This may not be an error, however - Lymdrenn likely couldn't have known if there were other survivors, or it may refer to the Telvanni family, rather than the wider House.

Brandyl, I hope this text of your father's last words finds its way to your hands. I servedHouse Telvanni as a wet nurse during your first months of life and wanted to repay your father's kindness. I've done all I can to locate you, but I regret that we'll never meet face-to-face.
Hidrya Olen
4 E 6 Second Seed, Middas
Is this the end of all things? Are we to die by the cruel barbed blades of the Argonian invasion force? After surviving the Red Year, struggling to dig from the ash and the rubble, and burying the thousands that died, is this to be our epitaph? The irony of our demise glows brighter than Masseron the summer solstice. We brought this upon ourselves; the Argonians simply answering a rallying cry incited by a millennia of suffrage [sic] imposed by my kind. And so here I sit, in the crumbling basement of our family home while a thousand thousand booted feet echo above me and the screams of the dying find their way to my ears. So falls House Telvanni.
But then I look into the eyes of this child, this blessing given to us the very year thatVvardenfell spouted its fiery death across the land; this gift I hold my grasp. Is it too much to wish he be given the chance to survive and keep our memories alive? This small boy born in the midst of chaos and destruction must carry on. If nothing else, as a reminder to other dunmer that the Telvanni were once a proud and noble people.
Since the death of my wife, I haven't been able to bring myself to give my son a proper name. It never felt right without her. But my own life reaches its final hours as the luxury of time is [sic]escapes my embrace. I name him now: Brandyl, son of Lymdrenn and sole living heir to House Telvanni. I will wrap him in his t'lonya, his birthing swaddle and leave his fate to Azura's will.
Live with virtue and pride, sera.

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