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【书籍搬运】Karan’s Journal Karan的日记

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Karan’s Journal
by Karan
About a girl’s ill-fated plan to elope with her Dunmer lover.
哦, Talvur! 亲爱的甜心 Talvur!我身不由己思念他!从我在市场看到他的第一眼起,我的心就迷失了. 但是父亲不会允许我嫁给一个平民,更别说一个贫穷的Dun莫 矿工. 玛拉, 该怎么办?
11th of 日晓月
Talvur又来了一封信,这周的第三封了. 他说没有我他无法生存,如果我嫁给别人他宁愿死. 哦,我也有同样的感觉!
我再也无法忍受这样了.父亲最终会明白的-没有女孩在听过我的秘密恋情之后不会心动.观念总会改变. Talvur 和我必须等到那个时刻的降临,否则父亲将会找来所有全副武装的追踪者来对付他.
22nd of 初种月
我已经说服父亲下次去东方旅行的时候带上我. 当我们到达老赫洛丹的旅店时,我将半夜溜出来与Talvur 在Soljund 的山上相会.
Talvur 说他最近几个月来省吃俭用, 把节约下来的钱存在那里的老树墩里.有这个,我们将可以支付去Riften的旅费,还有我们的自由.哦 ,真爱,我已经迫不及待了!

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Karan's Journal
by Karan
About a girl's ill-fated plan to elope with her Dunmer lover.

Oh, Talvur! Dear, sweet Talvur! I can't stop thinking about him! Since that first moment I laid eyes on him in the marketplace, my heart was lost. But Father would never allow me to marry a commoner, much less a poor Dunmer minerMara, what to do?

11th of Sun's Dawn

Another letter from Talvur, the third this week. He says he can't live without me, that he'd rather die than lose me to another. Oh, I feel the same way!

I can't abide this any longer. Father is sure to find out eventually - the maids are all aflutter over my "secret love." Something will slip. Talvur and I must be long gone by then, or Father will have all the Reach up in arms against him.

22nd of First Seed

I've convinced Father to take me on his next trip out east. When we reach the inn at Old Hroldan, I'll slip out at night and meet Talvur in the hills above Soljund's.

Talvur says he's been saving his wages for the last few months, stowing them away in the old stump up there. With that, we should be able to buy passage to Riften, and our freedom. Oh, love, I can't wait another hour!

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