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【书籍搬运】Journal of Drokt Drokt的日记

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Journal of Drokt


我会是唯一一个记录了我一生的人.老辈的皇族祭司靠讲故事受封赏, 但是 Drokt 是个单纯的人.所以这不是日记而我也不是在这里讲故事. 但是这个下地狱的机器在我的预想里应该确实能工作,它没被搞明白以前我不会离开.

这新鲜玩意如果没那个盒子就整个就像条死 三齿海象. 把盒子放进那个洞里让它动起来了.

五个环,但是只有四个按钮?它们中的大部分多数时间无论如何都不工作. 当光排成一列时,更多按钮打开,不过它们开起来没什么用.只是让另一个该死的环动起来.

卖我这个立方体的Khajiit脏老头 说了些什么"穿过智慧与机器的光落在立方体上"之类的话. 我记得这个是因为他让我不停的对他复述这个直到我想掐死他.


试图离开, 但是狼群占据了上层并在塔外面瞎转悠. Gotta待在这里等我把这个搞定.


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Journal of Drokt
by Drokt

I weren't never one for writing about my life. The king-priests of old deserve their stories told, but Drokt is a simple man. So this isn't no journal and I'm not telling any stories here. But this infernal machine done worked its way into my brainspace and I won't leave till it's figured out.
The whole contraption just sets like a dead horker if it doesn't have the box. Putting the box in the hole made it all come to life.
Five rings, but only four buttons? Most of of [sic] 'em don't work most of the time anyhows. When the lights line up, more open, but they don't seem to help. Just make another damned thing move.
The old fleabag Khajiit what sold me this cube said something about "the light through the knowledge through the machine rests on the cube." I remember because he made me say it back at him till I wanted to throttle him.
So I did.
Tried to leave, but wolves to the top and them eyeless freaks outside the tower. Gotta stay here till I get it right.
And I will get it right.

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