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【书籍搬运】Fisherman's Journal(Ilinalta's Deep) 渔夫的日记(伊琳纳塔深渊)

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Fisherman's Journal

A decent catch of fish is getting harder to come by. Without a good spot soon, I don't think we'll survive the next winter, so I'm traveling further south towards Lake Ilinalta. Folks say it's cursed. Whole Imperial Fort just sank into the water one day, and they say the ruins have been haunted since.
When I asked, I got ghost stories. Tales of people who went out near the lake and never came back. They say spirits haunt the hallways of the sunken fort and steal little children from their mothers' cribs. No amount of coin could convince any of the nearby villagers to guide me there, so I'm following the Whiter River.
Divines protect me. I hope the stories aren't true.

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