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【书籍搬运】Endrast's Journal 恩德拉斯特的日记

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恩德拉斯特的日记 作者 恩德拉斯特 一种瞎眼的生物在我们睡觉的时候抓住了我们。我不知道那对虎人兄弟发生了什么,他们没有跟我们一起在牢房中。我设法打开监牢的锁并在上面打了一个洞,但随后就和同伴们分道扬镳了。苏拉喊道如果找不到为什么来这里的原因,就绝不会离开这。并跑开了。乌玛娜随后跟着他一起离开了。

雅格和我尝试抓住洞穴顶部的木杆,但随后其中一部分断裂开来她没有犹豫,抓住了我的后颈束腰 把我扔上了岩顶.告诉我:跑!

然后我就开始逃,我甚至没有回头,像一个懦夫一样我能听到她在战斗的声音,我甚至没有注意到我肩膀上的箭,直到我逃到了这里。 那些金属生物应该就在附近,我害怕到甚至不敢离开这里。


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Endrast's Journal
by Endrast
A journal detailing Endrast's escape from Falmer in Alftand.

The eyeless creatures took us in our sleep. I don't know what happened to the Khajiit brothers, we never saw them in the cell. I managed to pick the lock and we made a break for it, but got split up. Sulla yelled something about not leaving without finding what he came here for andUmana chased after him.
Yag and I tried for the top of the cave shaft, but one of the ramps was broken. Without a hesitation, she grabbed me by the scruff of my tunic, threw me atop the ledge and told me to run.
And I did. I didn't even look back. I just ran like a coward. I could hear her fighting them and I just had to get away. I didn't even notice the arrow in my shoulder till I hid here.
Those metal creatures are still all around me and I'm too terrified to even move.
Eight Divines, please just take me now.

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