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【书籍搬运】Cicero's Journal - Volume 2西塞罗日记 卷二

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西塞罗日记 卷二
兰可 译

现在,只剩下三个黑暗兄弟会据点仍在活动了:眼前这个位于帝国省的Cheydinhal圣堂;一个远在天际省森林中的圣堂; 以及艾尔斯维尔的Corinthe圣堂。

Bravil的形势进一步恶化。斯酷麻贩卖商中两个最大的派别为了争夺赛瑞迪尔的控制权爆发了战争,城市里暴力事件层出不穷。通神者Alisanne Dupre不得不依靠雇佣兵来保护她的私人住所。

Bravil的事情已经到了紧要关头。幸运y Old Lady雕像被摧毁,故而Alisanne Dupre离开了她的住所,前去保护隐藏在雕像废墟之下的夜之母地下室。如果地下室被发现,毫无疑问地,Alisanne Dupre将会为保护邪恶主母的遗体而流尽最后一滴血。


Garnag所讲述的故事,即使是希提斯最冷酷的仆人听了也会难过。夜之母的地下室被袭击。我们挚爱的姐妹Andronica被砍成了碎片。通神者本人,最尊敬的Alisanne Dupre,被法师的烈焰风暴活活烧死。

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Cicero's Journal - Volume 2
by Cicero
The personal chronicle of a Dark Brotherhood assassin

7th of Sun's Height, 4E 188
Wayrest is lost. The city fell to corsairs, and it's just a matter of time before the Sanctuary is breached. May the Night Mother watch over her children in their hour of need.
5th of Last Seed, 4E 188
We received word today - the Wayrest Sanctuary was raided and destroyed by the corsairs. There were no survivors.
There are now only three active Dark Brotherhood strongholds remaining: The Cheydinhal Sanctuary, here in the Imperial Province; a remote Sanctuary located in a forest in Skyrim; and the CorintheSanctuary of Elsweyr.
The Black Hand has ordered the Corinthe Sanctuary closed, and its members integrated into our own ranks here, in Cheydinhal. I will embrace those new family members as warmly as I was, when I first made my home here.
27th of Hearthfire, 4E 188
The situation in Bravil grows more dire. The city has erupted in violence, due to a war of control being waged by Cyrodiil's two largest skooma traffickers. The Listener, Alisanne Dupre, has been forced to employ sellswords to protect her own residence.
1st of Sun's Dusk, 4E 188
Things in Bravil have come to a head. The statue of the Lucky Old Lady has been destroyed, and Alisanne Dupre has left her residence to guard the crypt of the Night Mother, hidden below the remains of the statue. If the crypt is discovered, Alisanne Dupre will, of course, protect the remains of the Unholy Matron until her dying breath.
Rasha is sending Garnag and Andronica to aid in the crypt's defense. I begged to accompany them, but Rasha wouldn't have it. He says my place is here, defending this Sanctuary, and I must of course respect that decision.
12th of Sun's Dusk, 4E 188
Botched my contract and forfeited the bonus. The silk merchant was already cold, and I was halfway through the window, when her daughter stepped into the room. I had little choice at that point.
21st of Sun's Dusk, 4E 188
So much has happened since my last entry. After Garnag and Andronica left for Bravil, we stopped receiving communications from the city. We feared the worst. This morning, those fears were confirmed, when Garnag returned alone, transporting a most precious cargo - the great stone coffin of the Night Mother herself.
The story Garnag told could curl the blood of even the most hardened of Sithis' servants. The crypt of the Night Mother, raided. Dearest sister Andronica, cut to pieces. And the Listener herself, the most honored Alisanne Dupre, burned alive in a storm of mage fire.
Garnag, though gravely injured (he will most certainly lose his right eye), managed to fend off the attackers, and transport the Night Mother's coffin safely out of the city. He has been on the road, making his way back here, since that tragic night.

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