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【书籍搬运】Cats of Skyrim 天际的猫科动物

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Cats of Skyrim
by Aldetuile
A brief treatise on the few felines that can be found in Skyrim.

I have been sent to this frigid wasteland to catalogue and study any of its indigenous cats, which has so far been uneventful. After months of wandering I have so far only encountered some variations of the same basic species.
In my travels I have encountered several khajiit outcast from their clans that have taken up residence in Skyrim. They have been most unhelpful, probably for fear I'd expose their locations. I can't say I'm surprised that there are few khajiit here, it's cold and unwelcoming.
Sabrecats are basic giant cats that have evolved two dangerously sharp front teeth.
The average sabrecat has a reddish brown fur which it uses to blend into grassy regions, but I have observed them skulking and sleeping on rocks so I don't believe the fur is for camouflage.
The primary attacks of the sabrecat are its biting attack, but it can also briefly rear up to attack with its front claws. I have also seen it pounce forward on its prey in a particularly powerful attack.
The snowy version of the sabrecat has spotted white fur which I believe it uses more for stalking more than its cousin in the plains.
The tooth of the cat is rumored to be useful in potions that restore the imbibers [sic] stamina as well as a potion that will temporarily give a more keen eye for smithing.
An [sic] skillful hunter can usually salvage the pelts and teeth of their kill, but report that the meat is tasteless and not fit to eat.

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