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【书籍搬运】Butcher Journal 屠夫日记

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Butcher Journal
by Calixto Corrium
A journal revealing the ghoulish motivation behind killings in Windhelm.

Soon enough, my sweet Lucilla, you will be with me again. Normally when such words are written it is because the love left behind is soon to depart, but in my case, I hope to soon bring your spirit back into my world, for it was you who loved this world so much, not I.
I continue to collect your new form from the ragged bits aroundWindhelm. If they only knew what destiny would soon grace their bodies, with your spirit imbuing them with higher purpose, they would surely thank me for the great gift I give them. I reserve for them a place of beauty alongside your heart.
The day draws near. Soon I will hold you. And I will show you this and it will be as delivering a long-forgotten letter to a weary traveler.
Love always, Calixto

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