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【书籍搬运】Antecedants of Dwemer Law 锻莫法律溯源

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在卡恩达尔哨站的法律(P.D. 1180)中提到:“若有人为杀死自由人的人所拥有,则该主人必须赔偿受害者关系人三件良好的器械以及他所拥有奴隶。”还有很多其他相似的引文。并且同样的原则还被延伸到一个百夫长杀人的案件之中。“如果,在普通工作台,有人被一个机械奴隶杀死,则受害者关系人有权于三十天内拆解该机械奴隶并取走其部件。”


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Antecedants of Dwemer Law
A historical account of the development of Dwemer law and custom from its roots in High Elven culture

Note: The title is misspelled in game - the correct word is, of course, Antecedents.

In short, so far as I am able to trace the order of development in the customs of the Bosmeri tribes, I believe it to have been in all ways comparable to the growth of Altmeri law. The earlier liability for slaves and animals was mainly confined to surrender, which, as in Sumerset Isles, later became compensation.
And what does this matter for a study of our laws today? So far as concerns the influence of the Altmeri law upon our own, especially the Altmeri law of master and servant, the evidence of it is to be found in every judgment which has been recorded for the last five hundred years. It has been stated already that we still repeat the reasoning of the Altmeri magistrates, empty as it is, to the present day. And I will quickly show how Altmeri custom can be followed into the courts of the Dwemer.
In the laws of Karndar Watch (P.D. 1180) it is said, "If one who is owned by another slays one who owns himself, the owner must pay the associates three fine instruments and the body of the one who his [sic] owned." There are many other similar citations. And the same principle is extended even to the case of a centurion by which a man is killed. "If, at the common workbench, one is slain by an Animunculi, the associates of the slain may disassemble the Animunculi and take its parts within thirty days."
It is instructive to compare what Dhark [sic] has mentioned concerning the rude beasts of theTenmar forests. "If a marsh cat was killed by an Argonian, his family were in disgrace till [sic]they retaliated by killing the Argonian, or another like it

but further, if a marsh cat was killed by a fall from a tree, his relatives would take their revenge by toppling the tree, and shattering its branches, and casting them to every part of the forest."

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