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【书籍搬运】Adventurer's Journal 冒险家的日记

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原文出处 http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Adventurer%27s_Journal

对于调查被袭击的商队后的感想 这个商队被攻击的情况令我感到不安。我只能但愿是强盗所为,但是现场所看到的是遗骸随意的被撕裂,以及有跛足行走留下的血迹,然而没有动物可以协调对大型商队发起这样的攻击。并且群狼不需要俘虏。

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Adventurer's Journal
About investigating attacks on caravans by the Falmer.

There's something unsettling about these caravan attacks. I expectedbandits, but the remains we saw were literally torn apart, rent limb from limb. Yet no mere animal could coordinate an attack on a full-sized merchant train. And wolves don't take prisoners.

We've found a trail leading up into the hills. We'll make camp here for the night, then set out at dawn. Whoever- whatever- murdered those people, we'll make sure it never happens again.

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