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【书籍搬运】worn,faded note 破烂,褪色的笔录

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worn,faded note


我的名字叫Ghola gro-Muzgol,我朋友的名字叫Aranalda,Nille Elf-Daugher,Avita Cassiana和Clmar gra-Khar。






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Worn, Faded Note

by Ghola gro-Muzgol
A dying orc begs that the memories of him and his colleagues are remembered

[This worn, faded note was written on a scrap of parchment and secured by a piece of rawhide to the vampire's neck.]
My name is Ghola gro-Muzgol. My companion's names are AranaldaNille Elf-DaughterAvita Cassiana, and Umar gra-Khar.
The vampire Dratik died by our hands, but the price was dear. Those into whose hands we have fallen, we thank you, and pray your favor.
We served Lady Azura. Bring these, our last words, to the Her [sic]Shrine. We praise Her with the full fountain of our devotion.
Our destinies were written in the stars, that our souls and reason be slain, and our world lost forever.
None can escape Her Fate. But let us be remembered at Her shrine, and in the hearts of Her servants.

"It is only by fate

that any life ends,
and only by chance
that it is mine...
not yours."

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