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【书籍搬运】Manual of Armor 武器指导手册

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(英文书名:Manual of Armor)


在战场上,一个人的盔甲反映了他的主要职责。斥候,轻骑兵,弓箭手和冲锋队员应当穿着轻型盔甲。对于他们来说,速度和灵活是至关重要的。建议应当经常穿着胸甲和胫甲。而头盔,护手和靴子只对骑兵和冲锋队员有较大作用,而斥候和弓箭手则不必穿。 轻型盔甲的常见款式有:毛皮,皮革,链甲,秘银,精灵和水晶。质量和价格由此顺序依次递增。毛皮护甲所能提供的防御十分有限,但是价格最为低廉。相比之下水晶甲所能提供无微不至的防护,但是价格也高的吓人。皮毛甲,皮革甲和链甲在整个帝国行省中都十分常见。但是秘银甲,精灵甲和水晶甲却十分稀有,只能在远古遗迹和墓穴之中才能找见了。 重型盔甲适用于那些需要与敌人正面交锋的人,比如:战士,骑士,重骑兵等。军官的标准配置就是包括头盔,护手在内的全套重型盔甲。常见的重型盔甲有铁甲,钢甲,矮人甲,兽人甲,乌木甲或是恶魔甲。同样的,这也是价格和质量的顺序。铁甲,虽然比皮毛甲坚固的多。但是相比之下所提供的防护在重型盔甲里是最低的—也是最便宜的。几乎整个行省的铁匠都出售铁制和钢制的盔甲,但是其余的种类就比较稀少,只有在深入地下的地城的宝箱中才有可能找的到。 在奥术大学中,有些资深的附魔师能够在盔甲中附上强大的魔法。当然,越是稀有的材料,比如乌木和恶魔甲,所能体现的魔力就越大。但是,即使是像铁甲这样“低级”的盔甲也是可以附魔的。 阿莫罗斯 加努斯(Amorous Janus),自称是“战斗吟游诗人”,曾经写过一部喜剧,讲的是一位将军为了节省盔甲上的魔法,经常每几分种就把盔甲脱下来放一边。结果,这位将军知道后,生气地后把这个“诗人”挂在了城墙外边晒了好几天。

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Manual of Armor
Guide to the various types of armor available for Imperial use

This manual is commissioned by General Warhaft to serve as a guide and manual to armor for all officers in the Imperialservice.
On the battlefield, a soldier's armor should reflect his principal duties. Scouts, light cavalry, archers, and raiding skirmishers should wear light armor. Mobility and speed is of paramount importance to these troops. It is recommended that a cuirass and greaves be worn at all times. Helmets, gauntlets and boots are of value to cavalry and skirmishers, but not scouts or archers.
Light armor is made from fur, leather, chainmail, mithril, elven or glass. This is also the order of their quality and expense, fur being the least protective and cheapest, and glass the best and most expensive. Fur, leather armor, and chainmail are readily available throughout the empire. Mithril, elven and glass are exceedingly rare and are only found in ancient ruins and remote tombs.
Heavy armor should be reserved for the frontline infantry, pikemen, heavy cavalry or foot knights. All officers should be issued heavy armor. Helmets, cuirass and greaves should be standard issue at all times. Boots and gauntlets are only necessary for the cavalry and foot knights.
Blacksmiths can forge heavy armor from iron, steel, dwarven, orchish [sic]ebonyor daedric. This is also the order of their quality and expense, iron being the least useful and cheapest, with daedric the most effective and expensive. Iron and steel plate mail can be found in most any blacksmith's shop. The other materials are rare and armor made from them is only found in ancient treasure hoards hidden deep underground.
Advanced practitioners in the Mages Guild know the secrets of placing enchantments upon pieces of armor. The greatest enchantments are typically placed on armor made from rarer, more durable materials, such as ebony and daedric, but even iron can be made to take an enchantment.
The self-styled Bard of Battle, Amorous Janus, once penned a comedic ballad about a Colovian general who was constant removing and re-equipping his armor every few minutes to conserve the magicka powering it. By way of response to the implied criticism, the general had him mounted on the front of a battering ram during the siege of Castle Fallow.

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