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【书籍搬运】Rain of Burning Dogs! 燃烧的狗雨!

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据证人所说,残杀场面惨不忍睹。烧焦的狗尸遍布村庄,单是其气味已足以把居民驱赶回家中。当问及这起事件时,当地的法师及气象专家Castus Philidus如是说:





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Experts Bewildered!
The quiet life of the idyllic Border Watch community was shattered recently by a meteorological phenomenon local experts are unable to explain. On an otherwise normal day, the skies above the small village suddenly darkened, and burning dogs rained down from the heavens.
The carnage was terrible, according to witnesses. Charred dog carcasses littered the village, and the smell alone was enough to drive many residents into their homes. When asked about the event, local mage and weather expert Castus Philidus had this to say:
"There seems to be no precedent for this in all of Tamrielic history. While there have been stories of insects, frogs, and the occasional wayward mage crashing to the earth, I've never encountered tales of burning dogs raining from the skies. It is possible that the dogs were the part of some mage's experiments with summoning gone bad, or perhaps the dogs were swept up in a great wind and hurled into the sky. This might explain the dogs falling onto the unfortunate Border Watch community. Of course, that still doesn't explain why they were on fire."
While the experts seem puzzled, the residents of Border Watch see only one explanation.
"It is the end of the world!" said one resident, who asked not to be named in this article. "The K'Sharra Prophecy tells us that this will happen! The rats! The sheep! We are all doomed! Doomed!"
Prophecy? Mages? Freak weather occurrence? We may never know. And the small village of Border Watch will definitely never be the same.
Note: The "occasional wayward mage crashing to the earth" probably refers to Tarhiel, who, in Morrowind (just north of Seyda Neen) falls from the sky to his death. Upon examination, his corpse contains "Scrolls of Icarian Flight" which are of little more use than the fun of jumping great distance to your almost inevitable death.

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