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【书籍搬运】Waterfront Raid Fails! 码头区搜捕失败!

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Hieronymus Lex队长为抓捕传奇盗贼灰狐而心烦意乱,突然搜查了码头区。为了彻底搜查码头区的贫民窟,Lex从城市其他地区调来守卫。一些走私品被没收,但灰狐逃脱了。

奥术大学向Hieronymus Lex队长提出了正式的抗议,谴责他玩忽职守。在搜捕过程中,奥术大学的守卫被被派往码头区。有人因此意图潜入奥术大学偷窃,但失败了。奥术大学的发言人坚持说没有丢失任何东西。他们对一个小小的盗贼能带着他们的财产离开的想法嗤之以鼻。

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Daring Waterfront Raid Fails!
Stymied in his attempts to capture the legendary thief, the Gray Fox, Captain Hieronymus Lex of the Imperial Watch raided the Waterfront. Extra Watchmen were pulled from duty in other parts of the city to search the slums of the Waterfront. A small amount of contraband was confiscated, but the Gray Fox escaped.
The Arcane University has filed a formal complaint against Captain Hieronymus Lex for dereliction of duty. The guards normally posted at the Arcane University were sent to the Waterfront during the raid. An attempted break-in at the University was foiled. University spokesmen insist that nothing was taken. They scoffed at the idea that any mere thief could make off with one of their treasures.

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