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【书籍搬运】Poor Burdened by Taxes! 穷人受赋税之苦!

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近日,帝国守卫队长Hieronymus Lex收了所有码头区居民的税。在此之前,尽管法律明文规定所有帝都市民都必须交税,但53年来没有任何人把这条法律运用在码头区那些一贫如洗的人身上。


一个相关的故事提到,某些罪犯最近潜入了南哨塔(the South Watchtower)。一份匿名的消息表明,Hieronymus Lex的办公室被偷了一小笔钱。这笔钱恰好就是Lex队长从码头区收来的税的数目,分文不差——真是一个不同寻常的巧合。


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The Poor Burdened by Taxes!
Recently Captain Hieronymus Lex of the Imperial Watch collected the taxes from all citizens in the Waterfront district of the city. Although the laws are clear that all citizens of the Imperial City must pay taxes, it has been 53 years since anyone applied that law to the poor and destitute of the Waterfront.
Although members of the Watch approached by the Courier declined to comment on the success of the venture, one of the Watchmen who asked not to be named suggested the operation was "a complete... wossitsname? You know. Starts with an 'f'. Right. Complete fee-ass-ko, is what it was."
In a related story, miscreants have recently broken into the South Watchtower. An anonymous source reports that a small sum of money was stolen from the office of Hieronymus Lex. By remarkable coincidence, the sum corresponds exactly to the taxes collected by Captain Lex from the Waterfront.
The ever-vigilant Captain Lex has renewed his call to capture the infamous thief, the Gray Fox. He is petitioning for a bounty to be put on the legendary master thief's head.

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