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【书籍搬运】Adamus Phillida Slain! Adamus Phillida被杀!

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Adamus Phillida被杀!


Waldorf Wordswell报导

已退休的前帝国军团司令官Adamus Phillida被隐秘的刺客公会——黑暗兄弟会残忍地谋杀。这是明目张胆地挑战赛瑞迪尔文明市民的安全和自由,没有别的词语可以形容。谋杀发生在安静的Leyawiin镇,那里是Phillida选择度过晚年的地方。他希望他的晚年可以是安静的独居生活,远远离开喧嚷的帝都,Phillida为帝国军团骄傲地服务了至少二十五年的地方。

但即便已经退休,这位高贵的军团司令还是无法摆脱他的过去。多年以来,Adamus Phillida已经成为黑暗兄弟会和它的行为的公认敌人,他发誓揭露这个组织的秘密,让它的领导人接受正义的处置。事实上,Phillida从前已有两次被作为暗杀的目标,但两次行动都被这位司令官和军团士兵及时阻止了。然而不幸地,他的运气在Leyawiin用光了。

当我们询问新任帝国军团总司令Giovanni Civello,Phillida的谋杀案与黑暗兄弟会有关是否有任何疑问时,他说:

“好了,就是黑暗兄弟会,绝对没错。这是报复,是对一个高贵而善良的榜样的出自仇恨与邪恶的卑劣行径!Adamus生命中的每一天都在打击黑暗兄弟会,他为他的信仰而献身。Adamus Phillida是一个伟人。他教给我所有的事情,如果我让他的梦想和他一同死去,那我真是罪无可赦。从今天起,我发誓摧毁黑暗兄弟会,和他们所支持的一切!”

Adamus Phillida死去了,但他与黑暗兄弟会的斗争看来仍在Gilvanni Civello和其余帝国军团成员身上延续着。也许在不久的将来,这些嗜血的刺客就会体会到恐惧。

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by Waldorf Wordswell
In what can only be described as a blatant assault on the security and liberty of the civilized people of Cyrodiil, retired Imperial Legion commander Adamus Phillida was brutally murdered by the secretive assassins guild known as the Dark Brotherhood. The slaying occurred in the sleepy town of Leyawiin, where Phillida had chosen to spend the remainder of his days. It was to be a life of quiet solitude, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the Imperial City, where Phillida had served the Imperial Legion proudly for more than twenty-five years.
But even in retirement, the noble Legion commander could not escape his past. Throughout the years, Adamus Phillida had become a rather vocal opponent of the Dark Brotherhood and its practices, and vowed to expose the organization's secrets and bring its leaders to justice. Indeed, Phillida had been targeted for assassination twice in the past, but both attempts were thwarted by the commander and his Legion soldiers. Sadly, his luck ran out in Leyawiin.
When asked if there was any doubt as to the Dark Brotherhood's involvement in Phillida murder, newly appointed Imperial Legion commander Giovanni Civello had this to say:
"It was the Dark Brotherhood, all right. No question about it. This was a crime of vengeance, a despicable act of hatred and evil against a pinnacle of nobility and virtue. Adamus fought the Dark Brotherhood every day of his life, and he died for what he believed in. Adamus Phillida was a great man. He taught me everything I know, and I'll be damned if I let his dream die with him. From this day forward, I vow to destroy the Dark Brotherhood and everything they stand for!"
Adamus Phillida may be dead, but it would seem his fight against the Dark Brotherhood lives on in Giovanni Civello and the rest of the Imperial Legion. There may soon come a day when those bloodthirsty assassins have more to fear than the good people of the Imperial Province.

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