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【书籍搬运】Gray Fox Unmasked! 灰狐揭下面具!

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Vlanarus Kvinchal近期承认自己是臭名昭彰的盗贼灰狐。帝国守卫审问他时,他还承认自己是泰伯·赛普丁转世,是Stendarr领主的私生子,是个鲨人,还是Hieronymus Lex的母亲。Vlanarus在帝国监狱待了一夜后,守卫们最终发现他之前曾经服用足以致人死命的大量skooma。


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Vlanarus Kvinchal recently admitted to being the notorious thief, the Gray Fox. Under questioning by the Imperial Watch, he also confessed to being the reincarnation of Tiber Septim, the love-child of Lord Stendarr, a were-shark, and the mother of Hieronymus Lex. Only after he spent a night in the Imperial prisons was it discovered that Vlanarus had recently consumed a near-lethal dose of skooma.
Vlanarus is now back home and recuperating from the hospitality of the Imperial Watch and from the close attention he received during his interrogation. He speculates that he might be able to work again in a month or two, so long as it doesn't involve walking or lifting anything heavier than a beer mug. The sometimes- dockworker has sworn a solemn oath never to trifle with Skooma again, and earnestly warns everyone to stay away from the Orum gang.

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