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  1. ……待两年后攒够钱买游戏本之时,便是吾等立于滚4巅峰一刻

  2. 发错区了? ……话说win10真心烂,用了两天就装回win7了
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Another moon texture replacer with the goal to replace both moons with our moon and earth and not to overbrighten or oversaturate textures. all moonphases and a moonshadowtexture for realistic transition with stars are included. i did not find a sufficient solution for me so i use my own. it works perfectly for me and maybe for you. saturn and europa package added as a nice to view option Just copy texture folder into the data folder and thats it. After installation archive invalidation is recommended or the better way: simply use a mod manager. as this is a texture replacer mod this texture should not be overwritten by another mod. 在泰姆瑞尔仰望母星吧。


  4. Version 1.0.0


    N网原址 This little mod adds 4 wristwatches to the testing hall (coc testinghall) Since this is such a tiny mod, I highly suggest to merge it with other clothing mods. I decided to use the testing hall as I have the German game and everything else was too complicated for something this tiny. You find small packages of chocolate cigarettes on the ground there. <- It is my standard world model for all my clothes. You find the wristwatch on the ground there. The wristwatch is using the hand slot. Reqirements: Robert's male and Robert's female or HGEC. 相当不错的手表,说起来Betty这位作者的很多作品都很有意思,大家可以去看看


  5. 乳量惊人……不是萝莉么
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