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  1. Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts A tale of Ysgramor's first adventure in Tamriel Masser and Secunda passed over Ysgramor's people as their fellowship landed in long-boats upon the rocky shores of Hsaarik Head on their journey from Atmora to Mereth. Boats littered the coast, but Ysgramor did not count his kin, Yngol's among them. Ysgramor commanded the sea-ghosts to surrender his kin, and a great gale darkened the sky. The seas thrashed and churned, and a wrathful storm appeared. Ysgramor took up the oars and rowed into the storm alone. Upon the Sea, Ysgramor wrestled the sea-ghosts, and the storm carried him along the jagged coast. Two fortnights passed without relief, until finally the storm broke. Come the next dawn, Yngol's long-boat was found in the icy surf, but the vengeful sea-ghosts had already taken Yngol and his clansmen. In his terrible grief, Ysgramor slew a dozen dozen beasts and burned them in honor of his fallen kinsman. A barrow-hill was dug in the Atmoran tradition, and Yngol was laid to rest with rites and honors among his clansmen far below the rocky face of Hsaarik Head, the first Children of the Sky to perish in Tamriel.
  2. The Yellow Book of Riddles A small book of interesting riddles For earnest pleasure, and the strengthening of the mind, the author here collects all that he has learned of the art of riddling, by dint of diligent study, and through years of discourse with others of similar inclination. The posing and puzzling of riddles is a convention of polite aristocratic Western society. Nobles and social aspirants collect books of riddles and study them, hoping thereby to increase the chances of their appearing sly and witty in conversation. A metal neither black nor red As heavy as man's golden greed What you do to stay ahead With friend or arrow or steed dael :rewsnA ehT A man says, "If you lie to me I will slay you with my sword. If you tell me the truth, I will slay you with a spell." What must you say to stay alive? .drows a htiw em yals lliw uoY :rewsnA ehT A Bosmer, was slain. The Altmer claims the Dunmer is guilty. The Dunmer says the Khajiit did it. The Orc swears he didn't kill the Bosmer. The Khajiit says the Dunmer is lying. If only one of these speaks the truth, who killed the Bosmer? crO ehT :rewsnA ehT
  3. Journal of Wyndelius Gatharian by Wyndelius Gatharian A journal documenting a treasure-hunter's descent into madness. 4E 200, 18 Morning Star I've set up camp inside the barrow. This has to be the place. According to all of my research, the burial chamber should be located here. All I need is some time undisturbed to find the claw. It must be hidden here somewhere. 4E 200, 25 Morning Star Had a close call today with that fool Wilhelm. He came close to entering the barrow, but I was able to scare him off by rattling some pottery shards in a bag. These people are far too superstitious for their own good. Gives me an idea. 4E 200, 28 Morning Star After a few failures, I've come up with a mixture that should do the trick. The glow is perfect - I should look exactly like one of the supposed spirits the people of Ivarstead believe is haunting this barrow. Going to test it out tomorrow. 4E 200, 29 Morning Star Success! It worked better than I could have imagined. All I had to do was wander about the entrance to the barrow at night and wave my arms about. I had to stop myself from laughing aloud as they ran away. This should keep them at bay while I continue searching for the claw. 4E 200, 11 Hearthfire Almost half a year has passed and no sign of the claw or any clues as to its whereabouts. This is becoming maddening. It has to be here! Can't risk hiring any assistance, so I'll have to continue alone. 4E 200, 20 Sun's Dusk It isn't here. It can't be here. This isn't right. It must be the people of Ivarstead... they must be on to my ruse, and they're toying with me. They want to find the burial chamber on their own and keep the riches for themselves! 4E 200, 18 Evening Star Why? Why are they tormenting me? Why not just destroy me? I'm... who am I? My head is becoming clouded, I can't remember anything. I have to read my journal to remember my purpose. Am I a part of this tomb? Am I meant to guard it? What's becoming of me? 1E 1050 ...They shall not take my treasure. They shall all pay dearly for their crimes. Any who set foot within these walls will taste my wrath, my power. I am the guardian of Shroud Hearth Barrow! All who oppose me will fall...
  4. 原文地址:http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Yngol_and_the_Sea-Ghosts 翻译:花溪流萤 玛瑟和塞甘达两艘大船搭载着伊斯格拉莫的伙伴(500勇士)由阿特莫拉航向美拉斯,当在萨里可尖突 布满岩礁的海滩登陆后,船只都散落在海岸上,但是伊斯格拉莫发现自己儿子英格尔搭乘船只并不包含在内。 伊斯格拉莫命令水鬼们交出他的亲族,一时间狂风遮蔽了天空。大海怒涛翻涌,狂怒的风暴肆虐开来。伊斯格拉莫拿起船桨独自划行进入了风暴中。 在海上,伊斯格拉莫和海鬼搏斗着,风暴将他带离参差的海岸。直到两个星期以后,风暴才得以平息。下一个黎明,英格尔的船在冰冷浪花的拍打下被发现,但是海鬼复仇者们已经吞噬了英格尔和他的氏族。 在巨大的悲痛中,伊斯格拉莫杀死了一批又一批的海鬼,将它们点燃以祭奠逝去同族的在天之灵。遵照阿特莫拉传统,他掘出一个巨大陵墓,英格尔及其同族在鲜血和荣耀中安息于萨里可尖突的石质地表之下,这是第一批消亡于泰姆瑞尔的天空之子。
  5. http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Yellow_Book_of_Riddles 翻译:花溪流萤 为了获得乐趣和锻炼智力,笔者在此集合自己对谜语艺术的辛勤学习所得,以及多年以来从其他爱好谜语之人口中听得的全部谜语。 解谜游戏是西方社会上流贵族的交流习惯之一,贵族和社会活动家收集谜语书进行学习。希望籍此机会使其谈吐变得诙谐机智。 一块金属,不是铁也不是铜,重若人类贪婪心,包你骑行朋友前,亦可为你来挡箭。 铅:是案答 注1 如果你骗我,我就用剑杀死你。如果你说实话,我就用魔法杀死你。如果你想活命,你必须说什么? 我死杀剑用将你:是案答 一个波兹莫被杀害。艾特莫声称丹莫有罪。 丹莫说是虎人干的。兽人宣称他没有杀人。虎人说丹莫在撒谎。如果他们中,只有一个人说的真话,那么谁杀了波兹莫? 人兽:是案答 注1 本谜底答案 lead 既有铅块意思 也有领导之意 乃是双关 所以骑行朋友前映射领导 挡箭意为盾牌
  6. 文德留斯·加萨里安日记 一个陷入疯狂的财宝猎人的日记文书 原文地址:http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Wyndelius%27s_Journal 翻译:花溪流萤 4E 200年,晨星月 18号 我已经在古坟里面安营扎寨。就是这个地方了。根据我所有的研究资料来看,秘密墓地一定 位于这里。我所需要的仅仅是一段不被滋扰的时间来寻找这个爪子。它一定藏在此间某处。 4E 200年,晨星月 25号 和一个风舵的傻瓜一起度过了一天,真是险象环生,他差点就进来了,但是被我用包里的陶瓷碎片发出的嘎嘎声吓跑了。这些人因为太虔诚而变的迷信,这让我想到一个好主意。 4E 200年,晨星月 28号 在一些失败的尝试之后,我找到了一个有效的混合物来实施这个计划,色彩很棒,我必须被一个伊瓦镇 人从内心深处当作这个坟墓的幽魂。明天试一下。 4E 200年,晨星月 29号 成功了!这比我想象的还凑效。我所做的仅仅是夜里在墓地的门口到处挥着胳膊闲逛。当他们吓得乱窜时我必须忍住不使自己大笑。在继续探索爪子的时候这应该能让他们安心待在外面。 4E 200年,炉火月 11号 差不多半年过去了,一点爪子的迹象甚至一丁点儿有关其下落的线索都没有,这实在令人发狂,它肯定在这儿!不能指望得到任何帮助,我必须一个人做下去。 4E 200年,日暮月 20号 它不在这里,它一定不再这里。不对,一定是伊瓦镇人…他们一定是在跟我玩诡计,他们在戏弄我。他们想要自己来墓室搜索把财富据为己有。 4E 200年,夜星月 18号 为什么?为什么他们要让我痛苦?为什么不毁灭我?我是… 我是谁?我的头开始嗡嗡作响,我什么都记不起来。我必须要读我的日记才明白我的目的。我是这个坟墓的一部分么?我本来是要守护它么?我会变成什么? 1E 1050年 他们不能夺走我的财宝。他们将为他们的所作行为付出沉重代价。那些敢于踏进墙内的人就来尝尝我的厉害。我是裹尸炉冢守卫者,与我对抗的一切都必须打倒…
  7. The Wraith's Wedding Dowry by Voltha gra-Yamwort, translated by Apthorne Story of how an Orc reclaims her wedding gift from thieves “The poets are right. There is something life-changing about being in love,” said Kepkajna gra-Minfang, sometimes called the Wraith. “I haven't wanted to rob anyone or anything in weeks. Why, the other day, I saw the door wide open at a wealthy merchant's house, but my mind was fully occupied with what I should wear on my wedding day.” “You have been out of the right society for very long now,” frowned her friend Khargol approvingly. “You never told me what happened to your first husband, you know, the one the shaman gave you?” “Torn apart by ash ghouls,” smiled Kepkajna dreamily. “It was rather saddish. But I know nothing like that would happen to Wodworg. No life of adventure for him. He's practically an Imperial. In fact, he is one. Did I tell you how we met?” “Hundreds of times,” grumbled Khargol, reaching for his flagon. “He was your jailer, and he refused you food until you promised to marry him.” “Have you ever heard of anything so madly romantic in all your life?” sighed Kepkajna, and then grew serious. “I was going to say that I hope my old friends will wish me well, but as Old Bosriel used to say, there's no point in hoping for what cannot be. We'll leave with the Imperial Knights for Balmora immediately after the wedding, but as long as we're in Dagon Fel, the gang will find some way of disrupting my love life and bring me back to the light. I know it.” As the days approached towards the Wraith's wedding day, there was certainly something sinister in the air that Kepkajna could smell when she was not transported by heady bliss. Dark figures seemed to shift in the shadows and disappear when approached. She recognized the clothing of some beggars near Wodworg's cottage as costumes, but the mendicants hurried away before she could recognize which of her old gang was stalking her. But these moments of apprehension were few. Kepkajna was truly happy, making arrangements for the ceremony to be performed at the very dungeon where Wodworg had imprisoned her. Her father was long since dead -- another victim of the ash ghouls -- but her fiance's commander volunteered to act in his behalf. Of course, Kepkajna had to supply her own dowry. She spent every last mark of her savings of ill-gotten gain to buy her beloved a truly wonderful present. The wedding was set for the stroke of midnight, as is Orc tradition. The handmaidens, wives of Imperial officers, were busily sewing her into her gown of red velvet and fine gold filigree in the mid-morning. Dolcetta, one of the handmaidens, remarked that she had heard that Kepkajna had bought Wodworg a truly beautiful gift for her dowry. “Let me show it to you,” Kepkajna giggled, dashing from the room half-dressed to her hidden alcove. The present had been stolen. The women were horrified, but the Wraith found herself merely irritated, not surprised. This was truly the old gang's style. They knew that a wedding ceremony without a dowry was marked as unlucky. She asked her handmaidens to finish dressing her quickly while she pondered what the burglars would have done with her treasure. The whole region was honeycombed with secret lairs and abandoned sites thieves used to store their loot. There were obvious places, of course, but after much reflection, she thought of where she would have put it under similar circumstances. Once the handmaids had finished, Kepkajna bade them to make certain that the ceremony went on as scheduled, and not to fret as she might be a little late. She wrapped herself in a shawl to protect her gown from dungeon dust and set off for the Shrine of Malacath. The Wraith had never before attempted to rob her own friends, and though she was peeved at them for trying to ruin her happiness, she had no interest in hurting them physically. Her style was to avoid conflict, though she knew it would be inevitable. The lessons her mentor Khargol had given her had helped her avoid the lances and blades of guards and Imperial Knights over the years: now she would see if they would allow her to survive a den of thieves and the unknown dangers of the Shrine. Without, most importantly, ruining her dress. The desolate place was so empty as she delved into it that she feared she might have made a miscalculation. It was not until she found the small room hidden down a long corridor that she knew she was at the right place, and that it was well suited for an ambush. She grabbed the chest with her treasure within, and turned to face the assault. Two of her old gang, Yorum and Yohr-i the Redguard twin brother and sister, were outside the door as she came from the room. They knew the Wraith better than to taunt her and immediately attacked. Yorum struck out with a left thrust of his blade while Yohr-i sought to rush her. The Wraith neatly sidestepped Yohr-i, while dropping her weight to her rear left leg, shifting her right shoulder to the left to slip past Yorum's strike. The twins crashed into one another and Kepkajna passed swiftly on. Almost immediately, she was set on by the Argonian Binyaar, his mace whistling through the air at her head. They had never much liked one another. The Wraith snapped into a duck, so the mace whacked with a tremendous clamor against the stone wall. Binyaar was thrown off balance, giving her a few seconds lead hurrying up the passage. Ahead she could smell the fresh night air. The last of her dowry's defenders was Sorogth, an Orc with whom she had shared a brief romance. It was he who Kepkajna knew had masterminded the theft. In a way and in context, she thought, his devotion to her misery was rather sweet. At the moment, though, she was most concerned with avoiding his barbed ax that seemed ideal for breaking her dress's fine stitchwork and the flesh beneath. Bending her knees slightly, bobbing to avoid strikes to the head, weaving her head to confuse Sorogth of her next move, shuffling her feet arrhythmically, the Wraith made an impossible target. She ducked inside his thrusts, sidestepped his swings, and then sidestepped his thrusts, and ducked his swings. As erratic as she tried to make her defensive moves, Sorogth still kept pace with her, refusing to budge from his position at the dungeon outlet. Midnight was coming, and the Wraith finally decided that she must end the confrontation. When Sorogth swung out next, she sidestepped to her left, swayed down, and ducked her head, so the ax whistled over her right shoulder. In that instant, his right side was exposed, and she reluctantly smashed the chest hard into his torso. There was not enough time for Kepkajna to see if she had killed him or merely knocked him unconscious. In truth, she thought of nothing else but rushing to her wedding ceremony. At precisely midnight, Wodworg and Kepkajna were united together. He was delighted with her dowry gift, a fine suit of armor that would make him the envy of other Imperial jailers. Even more, he was enchanted by his wife's tale of retrieving it from the Shrine of Malacath. “Did it occur to you to put on the armor when you knew that it was an ambush?” he asked. “I didn't want to dent your present,” she replied, between kisses. “And I certainly didn't want to wrinkle my gown.”
  8. Withershins by Yaqut Tawashi A humorous tale of a man's ailment and cure "All right," said Kazagha. "Why don't you want to talk?" Zaki put down his mug of mead and just stared at his wife for a few seconds. Finally, grudgingly: "Because everything [sic] I have a conversation, darling, it flows in alphabetical order. Just like I told you. I think the only way to stop it is not to talk at all." "Couldn't you just be imagining this?" said Kazagha patiently. "It wouldn't be the first time you had an insane paranoid delusion. Remember when you thought the royal battlemage of Black Marsh was hiding behind every tree with lewd intent, intent on making you -- a middle-aged, fat, balding tailor -- into his personal sex slave? You don't need to be ashamed, but it's Sheogorath's way to make us all a little crazy sometimes. If you go to the healer--" "Damn it, Kazagha!" snarled Zaki and stomped out, slamming the door behind him. He nearly collided with Siyasat, his neighbor. "Excuse me," she said to Zaki's back. He clamped his hands over his ears as he stormed down the street, turning the corner to his tailor shop. His first customer was waiting out front, smiling widely. Zaki tried to keep his temper under control and took out his keys, returning the customer's smile. "Fine day," said the young man. "Gods!" hollered Zaki, sending the young man flying with a well-placed punch, and dashing away. As much as he hated to admit that Kazagha was right, it was evidently time, once again, for one of the healer's herbal cocktails. Tarsu's temple to health, mental and physical, was several streets north, an impressive obelisk. Halqa, the chief herbalist, met him before he came in the hall. "How are you today, Sa'Zaki Saf?" "I need to make an appointment with Tarsu," said Zaki in his calmest voice. "Just one moment, let me see how his schedule looks." Halqa said, looking over a scroll. "Is this an emergency?" "Kind of," said Zaki, and slapped his head. Why couldn't he say yes, or absolutely, or sure? "Let's see," said Halqa, frowning. "The best I can do is next Middas. Would that work for you?" "Middas!" cried Zaki. "I'll be a complete psychotic by Middas. Isn't there anything earlier?" He knew what the answer would be before she said it. There was no alternative. In a way, he had forced the response. If only he had kept the conversation going until "Y." "No," said Halqa. "I'm sorry. Do you want me to make the appointment--?" Zaki walked away, gritting his teeth. He wandered the streets, his head down to avoid all conversations, until he looked up and discovered that he had walked all the way to the wharf. A sweet breeze was blowing along the water and he took several deep breaths until he felt almost normal. When his temper cooled, he could think again. What if this alphabetical conversation wasn't a delusion at all? What if what he felt wasn't paranoia, but acute awareness? He knew it was the classic dilemma: am I crazy or is there really something weird going on? Across the road was a shop called ParaDocks, featuring a display of herbs, crystals, and vapors trapped in orbs . The sign in the window read "Mystical Consultation sunrise to noon." It was worth a shot, though Zaki was dubious. The only people who generally came down the wharf for healing were stupid adventurers who didn't know any better. Incense burned in copious billows of pink and gold, obscuring and then revealing the clutter within. Jijjic death masks glowered down from the walls, smoking censors hung by chains from the ceiling, and the floor was a maze of bookshelves. At a wellworn [sic]table in the back a small man wearing a headress [sic] was tabulating a young lady's purchases. "Okay," said the man. "Your total comes to fifty-seven gold pieces. I threw in the restorative scale conditioner for free. Just remember, the candle should be lit only after you invoke Goroflox The Unholy, and mandrake root does best in partial shade." The customer gave a quick, shy smile to Zaki and left the store. "Please help me," said Zaki. "Every conversation I hear or get involved in seems to be arranged alphabetically. I don't know if I'm going insane or if there are some kind of bizarre forces at work. To be honest with you, I'm normally a skeptic when it comes to your type of business, but I'm at the end of my rope. Can you do anything to make this madness end?" "Quite a common problem, actually," said the man, patting Zaki on the arm. "When you get to the end of the alphabet, do conversations then go to reverse alphabetical order or start at the beginning of the alphabet?" "Reverse alphabetical order," said Zaki, and then corrected himself. "Damn it! I mean, it starts from the beginning, all over again. I'm in agony. Can you call on the spirits and tell me, am I insane?" "Sauriki," said the man with a reassuring smile. "I don't have to. You're quite sane." "Thank you," said Zaki, frowning. "By the way, my name's Zaki, not Sauriki." "Unusually close, eh?" said the man, patting Zaki on the back. "My name's Octoplasm. Follow me, please. I think I have just what you need." Octoplasm lead [sic] Zaki down the narrow corridor behind the desk. The two men pushed past dusty cabinets filled with strange creatures in liquids, past heaps of neolithic stones, past stack after stack of moldering leather-bound books, into the dank heart of the store. There he picked up a small, squat cylindrical drum and a book, and handed them to Zaki. "'Vampirism, Daedric Possession, and Withershin Therapy,'" said Zaki, squinting his eyes to read the book in the gloom. "What inOblivion does this have to do with me? I'm not a vampire, look at this tan. And what's Withershin Therapy, and how much will it cost me?" "Withershins, from the Old Cyrodilic withersynes, which means backwards," said Octoplasm in a serious tone. "It's the art of reversing the direction of things in order to gain access to the spirit world, and break curses, cure vampirism, and trigger all manners of apotropaic healing. You know the story about the guy who was told that slaughterfish live in hot water, so he said, 'Well, let's boil them in cold water'?" "Xenophus," said Zaki instinctively, his brother having taken a rather esoteric upper level course in Cyrodilic philosophy as an elective in at the Imperial College thirty-one years before, and immediately wishing he hadn't. "And what do you do with the cylindrical thingy?" Octoplasm lit a candle and held the object over it so Zaki could see more clearly. All along the cylinder were narrow slits and when Zaki peered within them, he saw a succession of old black and white drawings of a naked man leaping over boxes, one frame after the next. "You spin it like so," said Octoplasm, slowly whirling the device clockwise so the man within leapt over the boxes over and over again. "It's called a zoetrope. Pretty neat, eh? Now, you take it and start spinning it counterclockwise, and while you're doing it, read this incantation I've marked in the book." Zaki took the zoetrope and began spinning it counterclockwise over the candle, so the little naked man within seemed to bound backwards over the boxes. It took a little coordination and concentration to keep whirling at a steady pace, but gradually the man's awkward and jerky backjumps became more and more fluid until Zaki could no longer see the individual frames flipping. It looked just like a little humanoid hamster on an endless reverse treadmill. While he continued to spin the zoetrope with one hand, Zaki took the book in the other and read the underlined passage. "Zoetrope counter-spin, counter-spin, counter-spin / Pull my life from the rut that it's in / I invoke the Goddesses Boethiah,Kynareth, and Drisis / To invert my potentially metaphysical crisis / My old life may have been rather pointless and plain / But I dislike the prospect of going insane / Make the pattern reverse by this withershin / Zoetrope, counter-spin, counter-spin, counter-spin." As he chanted the spell, Zaki noticed that the little naked man in the zoetrope began to look more like himself. The moustache vanished, and the hairline receded. The man's waistline expanded, and the buttocks sagged to the shape and texture of half-inflated balloons. Scales approximating his own Argonian pattern appeared. The man began to trip as he bounded backwards over the boxes, taking bigger breaths and sweating. By the time Zaki reached the end of the incantation, his twin was clutching his chest and tumbling end-over-end over the boxes in a free-fall. Octoplasm took the zoetrope and the book from Zaki's hands. Nothing seemed to have changed. No thunder had rumbled. No winged serpents had sprung out of Zaki's head. No fiery explosions. But Zaki felt that something was different. Good different. Normal. At the counter, when Zaki pulled out his sachel of gold pieces, Octoplasm merely shook his head: "Are treatment radical such of effects term long the what sure be can't we, naturally. Charge no." Feeling the first real relief he had felt in days, Zaki walked backwards out of the shop and down the road to his shop.
  9. 原文地址:http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Wraith's_Wedding_Dowry 作者:沃塔·葛-亚姆沃特(阿斯罗内翻译) 翻译:花溪流萤 诗人是对的。坠入爱河的确能够改变人生。常被称为幽魂的卡珀卡娜· 葛-敏芳叹道。“几个星期以来,我都没有任何心思去打劫任何人任何东西,哎,那天我看到一家富商家门洞开,但我心里一直在琢磨结婚的时候该穿什么衣服。” 你已经脱离组织好长时间了”她的朋友哈格尔故作责备的皱眉道“你还没告诉我你第一个丈夫出了什么事呢?就是那个萨满许配给你那个” “被灰烬食尸鬼撕成了碎片”卡珀卡娜恍然道。“真是相当令人悲伤,但是我知道沃德伍格不会了,他不喜欢出外冒险。他呀,也就是个普通帝国士兵。对了,我跟你说过我们是怎么相遇的么” “都说了几百次了”哈格尔边伸手去拿酒壶,边嘟囔道:“他是你的狱卒,如果你不答应嫁给他就不给你东西吃。” “你难道听过比这还他妈浪漫的事么” 卡珀卡娜叹了口气,但是随即正色道:“我想说的是希望我的老朋友们也能祝福我,但是老博斯瑞尔说得好,对不可能的事情不要抱有幻想。婚礼之后,我就会随帝国军队移防巴尔莫拉 ,但只要我们还在达根菲尔,我敢肯定,组织就一定会来破坏我们甜蜜的日子,让我回去重操旧业。 幽魂的婚礼日益临近,每当她从恋爱的狂喜中惊醒,她都会从空气中嗅到一丝不详的味道。周围常有黑衣人在阴影里出没。在沃德伍格所驻城堡周围,她还认出几个穿着乞丐服装鬼鬼祟祟行乞之人正是跟踪而至的老同行。 但是恐惧转瞬即逝,卡珀卡娜仍然满心欢喜的筹备着婚礼,地点就选在她曾经被囚禁的地牢。她的父亲很久以前就命丧灰烬食尸鬼之手,但是她未婚夫的上司答应扮演(父亲)这一角色。当然, 卡珀卡娜也得拿出自己的嫁妆,她拿出自己之前所得的所有不义之财,为她的爱人买了一件真心不错的礼物。 遵循兽人的传统,婚礼在午夜时分举行。临近午时,那些帝国军官的太太都在忙着为她穿上红色天鹅绒缝制的礼服,佩戴上金银首饰。其中一个叫德赛忒的侍女,提到自己听说新娘K卡珀卡娜为 沃德伍格买了一件真心不错的结婚礼物。 “就让你们看看吧”卡珀卡娜咯咯笑道,不等礼服穿好,就冲进存放着礼物的房间。但是礼物已经被偷走了。 女人们陷入惊恐之中,但是幽魂自己并不感惊讶,只是觉得十分愤怒。这毫无疑问是同行的杰作。他们知道没有结婚礼物对于一个婚礼来说多么的不吉利。她边让她们快点帮她穿好礼服边去考虑那些人应该如何处理偷来的宝贝。 整个地区遍布着盗贼们用来藏匿财宝的秘密巢穴和废弃的遗址,当然有些地方并不那么隐秘。在慎重考虑之后,她想到了这种情况之下藏匿东西的最佳地点。穿上礼服之后,卡珀卡娜请求她们让婚礼仪式正常举行,即使她迟到了,也不要惊慌。然后,她披起一条围巾以免礼服被弄脏,然后直奔玛拉凯斯.神殿。 幽魂从来没有尝试过从自己同伴那里打劫东西,但是现在她对他们破坏自己的幸福生活感到气恼,她并不想要伤及他人,尽量冲突不可避免。 哈格尔导师教会她的东西已经帮助她躲过了帝国的刀枪,现在她想看看是否也能够对付一群贼和神殿里未知的威胁。最重要的是,不能弄脏她的礼服。 当她抵达这片荒芜之地时,一切看来空空荡荡的,以至于她担心自己是否失算。直到她在长廊的末端找到一间小小的密室,她确信这就是她要找的地方,因为此处很容易设伏。她揣起放有嫁妆的盒子,转身准备应战。 帮中的两个老朋友,红卫兄妹约鲁姆和约赫蕊就站在入口的门外。她们知道嘲讽对幽魂没有任何用处,所以上来便展开白刃战。约鲁姆的剑猛刺向她左侧,与此同时约赫蕊疾冲向前尝试将她撞倒。幽魂灵巧的躲避开来,左腿后移,右肩前探,转身避过剑锋。这对兄妹躲闪不及,撞成一团,趁此机会,卡珀卡娜一溜烟的冲了出去。 几乎在同一瞬间,亚龙人宾雅尔的狼牙棒带着猎猎风声招呼了过来,他们以前并无多少交情。她迅速下蹲闪避,伴随一声巨响,狼牙棒重重砸在石壁上。宾雅尔一个重心不稳,跌倒在地。她趁机冲了过去,在她的前方,她甚至已经可以呼吸到新鲜的夜风。 最后的嫁妆守卫者是一个和她有过一段罗曼史的名叫索罗格斯的兽人,肯定是这个家伙组织了这次行动,从作案手法来看,为了剥夺她的幸福,他还出力不少。但现在不是思考这些的时候,现在她正全力的躲避着兽人带刺的大斧,无论想要撕开她的礼服还是身体,这都是一把理想的武器。 屈膝侧闪躲避开对头部的攻击,灵巧的晃动身体来隐藏下一步行动,脚步无章法的四处腾挪,那柄大斧无论如何也碰不到她。她就这样躲开了他一次又一次的直斩和挥击,尽管她的防守无懈可击,但是索罗格斯并没有轻易言弃,依然执拗的守在神殿的门口。 午夜将至,幽魂决定结束这场争斗。当索罗格斯下一次挥斧时,她向左腾挪,压低身形,头部内移,大斧从她右肩堪堪劈过,卖了他右侧一个破绽,她颇不情愿的用盒子迅猛的击中了他的身体,也不管他是死了还是晕倒了,卡珀卡娜拔腿就跑,心里想的都是婚礼的事情。 午夜时分,新娘和新郎幸福的结合了。新郎对她的嫁妆十分的满意,那是一套让其他帝国狱卒羡慕嫉妒恨的漂亮合身盔甲。而且听了她的娘子夺回盔甲的经过,更是令他惊奇无比。 “在你知道那是个陷阱的时候你就没想过穿上这身盔甲么”他问道 “我不想在你的礼物上留下凹痕”新娘吻着他答道:“当然我也不想弄皱我的礼服”
  10. Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi to her Favored Daughter by Clan Mother Ahnissi How a Khajiit explains the origin of the world Ahnissi tells you. You are no longer a mewing kitten and you have learned to keep secrets from Ahnissi, and so Ahnissi tells you. In the beginning there were two littermates, Ahnurr and Fadomai. After many phases, Fadomai said to Ahnurr, "Let us wed and make children to share our happiness." And they gave birth to Alkosh, the First Cat. And Ahnurr said, "Alkosh, we give you Time, for what is as fast or as slow as a cat?" And they gave birth to Khenarthi, the Winds. "Khenarthi, to you we give the sky, for what can fly higher than the wind?" And they gave birth to Magrus, the Cat's Eye. "Magrus, to you we give the sun, for what is brighter than the eye of a cat?" And they gave birth to Mara, the Mother Cat. "Mara, you are love, for what is more loving than a mother?" And they gave birth to S'rendarr, the Runt. "S'rendarr, we give you mercy, for how does a runt survive, except by mercy?" And many phases passed and Ahnurr and Fadomai were happy. And Ahnurr said, "We should have more children to share our happiness.” And Fadomai agreed. And she gave birth to Hermorah. And she gave birth to Hircine. And she gave birth to Merrunz and Mafala and Sangiin and Sheggorath and many others. And Fadomai said: "Hermorah, you are the Tides, for who can say whether the moons predict the tides or the tides predict the moons?” "Hircine, you are the Hungry Cat, for what hunts better than a cat with an empty belly?” "Merrunz, you are the Ja'Khajiit, for what is more destructive than a kitten?” "Mafala, you are the Clan Mother, for what is more secretive than the ways of the Clan Mothers?” "Sangiin, you are the Blood Cat, for who can control the urges of blood?” "Sheggorath, you are the Skooma Cat, for what is crazier than a cat on skooma?” And Ahnurr said, "Two litters is enough, for too many children will steal our happiness." But Khenarthi went to Fadomai and said, "Fadomai-mother, Khenarthi grows lonely so high above the world where not even my brother Alkosh can fly." Fadomai took pity on her and tricked Ahnurr to make her pregnant again. And Fadomai gave birth to the Moons and their Motions. And she gave birth to Nirni, the majestic sands and lush forests. And she gave birth to Azurah, the dusk and the dawn. And from the beginning, Nirni and Azurah fought for their mother's favor. Ahnurr caught Fadomai while she was still birthing, and he was angry. Ahnurr struck Fadomai and she fled to birth the last of her litter far away in the Great Darkness. Fadomai's children heard what had happened, and they all came to be with her and protect her from Ahnurr's anger. And Fadomai gave birth to Lorkhaj, the last of her litter, in the Great Darkness. And the Heart of Lorkhaj was filled with the Great Darkness. And when he was born, the Great Darkness knew its name and it was Namiira. And Fadomai knew her time was near. Fadomai said: "Ja-Kha'jay, to you Fadomai gives the Lattice, for what is steadier than the phases of the moons? Your eternal motions will protect us from Ahnurr's anger." And the moons left to take their place in the heavens. And Ahnurr growled and shook the Great Darkness, but he could not cross the Lattice. And Fadomai said: "Nirni, to you Fadomai leaves her greatest gift. You will give birth to many people as Fadomai gave birth today." When Nirni saw that Azurah had nothing, Nirni left smiling. And all Fadomai's children left except Azurah. And Fadomai said, "To you, my favored daughter, Fadomai leaves her greatest gift. To you Fadomai leaves her secrets." And Fadomai told her favored daughter three things. And Fadomai said, "When Nirni is filled with her children, take one of them and change them. Make the fastest, cleverest, most beautiful people, and call them Khajiit." And Fadomai said, "The Khajiit must be the best climbers, for if Masser and Secunda fail, they must climb Khenarthi's breath to set the moons back in their courses." And Fadomai said, "The Khajiit must be the best deceivers, for they must always hide their nature from the children of Ahnurr." And Fadomai said, "The Khajiit must be the best survivors, for Nirni will be jealous, and she will make the sands harsh and the forests unforgiving, and the Khajiit will always be hungry and at war with Nirni." And with these words, Fadomai died. After many phases, Nirni came to Lorkhaj and said, "Lorkhaj, Fadomai told me to give birth to many children, but there is no place for them." And Lorkhaj said, "Lorkhaj makes a place for children and Lorkhaj puts you there so you can give birth." But the Heart of Lorkhaj was filled with the Great Darkness, and Lorkhaj tricked his siblings so that they were forced into this new place with Nirni. And many of Fadomai's children escaped and became the stars. And many of Fadomai's children died to make Nirni's path stable. And the survivors stayed and punished Lorkhaj. The children of Fadomai tore out the Heart of Lorkhaj and hid it deep within Nirni. And they said, "We curse you, noisy Lorkhaj, towalk Nirni for many phases." But Nirni soon forgave Lorkhaj for Nirni could make children. And she filled herself with children, but cried because her favorite children, the forest people, did not know their shape. And Azurah came to her and said, "Poor Nirni, stop your tears. Azurah makes for you a gift of a new people." Nirni stopped weeping, and Azurah spoke the First Secret to the Moons and they parted and let Azurah pass. And Azurah took some forest people who were torn between man and beast, and she placed them in the best deserts and forests on Nirni. And Azurah in her wisdom made them of many shapes, one for every purpose. And Azurah named them Khajiit and told them her Second Secret and taught them the value of secrets. And Azurah bound the new Khajiit to the Lunar Lattice, as is proper for Nirni's secret defenders. Then Azurah spoke the Third Secret, and the Moons shone down on the marshes and their light became sugar. But Y'ffer heard the First Secret and snuck in behind Azurah. And Y'ffer could not appreciate secrets, and he told Nirni of Azurah's trick. So Nirni made the deserts hot and the sands biting. And Nirni made the forests wet and filled with poisons. And Nirni thanked Y'ffer and let him change the forest people also. And Y'ffer did not have Azurah's subtle wisdom, so Y'ffer made the forest people Elves always and never beasts. And Y'ffer named them Bosmer. And from that moment they were no longer in the same litter as the Khajiit. And because Y'ffer had no appreciation for secrets, he shouted the First Secret across all the heavens with his last breath so that all of Fadomai's children could cross the Lattice. But Azurah, in her wisdom, closed the ears of angry Ahnurr and noisy Lorkhaj so they alone did not hear the word.
  11. Windhelm Home Decorating Guide Details on accessory packages available for a Windhelm home Welcome to your new home! This decorating guide provides a list of packages that you can purchase from the Steward of the hold. Each package contains furnishings and decor for a specific part of your house, and these will be delivered and placed for you upon purchase. All you need to do is provide the gold, and the Steward will take care of the rest. The next time that you visit your home after making your purchases, you will see your new decorations and furnishings in place. Kitchen Includes a fireplace, a table for two and ample shelving to store your food and cooking supplies. Living Room This package fills Hjerim's spacious ground floor living room with several tables, chairs and shelves. Decorations for the floor and walls are also included. Alchemy Laboratory Adds an alchemy crafting station. Enchanting Laboratory Adds an enchanting crafting station. Upstairs Landing This package adds several weapon racks and display cases, and lines the walls with mounted animal heads. Bedroom Provides an upgrade to your bed, as well as shelving, display cases, improved lighting and other bedroom furnishings and decor. Guest Room Improves the furnishings and decor in your home's guest bedroom, including a finer-quality bed, a small table, and some shelves. Children's Bedroom Expands the corner room in the rear of the first floor of your house, converting it into a bedroom suitable for up to two children, including beds, a chest, dresser, and other decor.
  12. Whiterun Home Decorating Guide Details on accessory packages available for a Whiterun home Welcome to your new home! This decorating guide provides a list of packages that you can purchase from the Steward of the hold. Each package contains furnishings and decor for a specific part of your house, and these will be delivered and placed for you upon purchase. All you need to do is provide the gold, and the Steward will take care of the rest. The next time that you visit your home after making your purchases, you will see your new decorations and furnishings in place. Kitchen Includes a fire pit, a small table and two chairs, as well as a shelf to store cooking supplies. Living Room Provides Wall-mounted shelves, a few side tables and two chairs placed near the fire pit, all near the center of the ground floor. Dining Room Adds a long wooden table and bench, as well as several shelves loaded with cutlery, dishes and cookware. Alchemy Laboratory This package adds an alchemy crafting station, a reading table and chair, and a large wardrobe to the rear area of the ground floor. This also includes the addition of a wall to divide the laboratory from the dining room. Children's Bedroom Instead of an Alchemy Laboratory, you can choose to furnish the room in the rear of your home with a cozy child's bedroom, including two beds, chests, and wall hangings. Note that this package will replace the Alchemy Laboratory if you have already purchased it (and vice-versa). Loft This package includes a few chairs and tables to fill out the upper-level loft. Bedroom Adds two bedside tables, a dresser and a small table with two chairs to the master bedroom. This also includes the addition of a wall to give the bedroom added privacy.
  13. Watcher of Stones by Gelyph Sig, Thane of Bjorin Musings by the Thane of Bjorin about Guardian Stones Long have I waited at the Guardians. I must know: are the stories true? Surely you've heard them. Tales of the stones granting powers to Heroes of old, those special few being able to choose any stone to rewrite his fate. Of course you've heard them, that's why you touch the stones as you pass by. You've heard they bring luck, or a sign from the gods. But you think little of the action. It has no true meaning for you. I see it in your eyes as you pass. You do not believe. But I have always believed. Always felt that I was one of the few whose fate was not sealed at birth by the stars overhead. One of the few who could use these stones, draw on the power of the gods to change my life, change my future. I have always felt it. I have done much in my years. Fought battles, defended villages, quested and adventured throughout Skyrim. I have bested theCompanions of Whiterun in combat, and performed deeds worthy of everlasting praise in song from the Bards College. No task was too small or great if it could bring me honor, glory, proof that I was worthy of the stones' power. And yet, nothing. I have found many of these accursed stones in my travels, and none have responded to my touch. With each new feat I would return to the Guardians, wondering if the gods finally deemed me worthy. But now those days are gone. I am an old man, with no fight left in me. And so here I sit, watching the faces of those who pass by on their daily errands, their mundane travels from one city or town to another. Most of you do not even give the stones a passing glance. You have never heard their call, you will never feel drawn to them. Some days, I envy you that. Long will I wait at the Guardians, for I must know. Are the stories true?
  14. 原文地址:http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Words_of_Clan_Mother_Ahnissi 作者:氏族母亲安妮丝 翻译:花溪流萤 译者按:其中神名对应帝国相应信仰。 安妮丝如是说。你已经不是嗷嗷乱叫的小猫了,你已经学会了保守安妮丝的秘密,所以安妮丝将告诉你(世界的起源)。 鸿蒙之初有两个同根同源的大神,阿努尔(Ahnurr)和法朵迈(Fadomai),过了许久,法朵迈对吖努尔说:“我们结婚吧,然后生些孩子来分享我们的喜悦。 就这样第一只大猫阿卡什出生了,然后阿奴尔说:”阿卡什,我们给予你时间,有什么东西和大猫一样可快可慢?。 然后他们生下了风行者凯纳斯,“凯纳斯,我们给予你天空,有什么东西飞得比风还高?” 然后他们生下了猫之眼玛格如斯。“玛格如斯,我们给予你太阳,有什么东西能亮过猫的眼睛?” 然后他们生下了母猫玛拉,:"玛拉,我们给予你爱,有什么东西能胜过母亲的爱?“ 然后他们生下了侏儒瑟伦达尔。:“瑟伦达尔,我们给予你怜悯,因为没有怜悯,一个侏儒该如何存活?” 这样又过了许久,阿努尔和法朵迈都很开心。 然后阿努尔说了:“我们应该有更多孩子来分享我们喜悦。” 法朵迈同意了,然后他们相继生下了赫莫拉斯,赫希恩,莫瑞兹,玛法拉 ,桑吉恩,谢格拉斯以及其他很多孩子。 然后法朵迈说: 赫莫拉斯,你是波浪之神潮汐,有谁能说清楚,是月相预知着潮汐,还是潮汐预示着月相?。 ”赫希恩,你是饥饿之神饿猫,有什么能比饥肠辘辘的大猫更擅长捕猎?” “莫瑞兹,,你是破坏之神猫仔,有什么能比小猫还有破坏力?” “玛法拉,你是秘密之神氏族之母,有什么东西能比氏族母亲的行事方式还要秘密?” “桑吉恩,你是生命与血神血猫,除了你还有谁能控制血性之力?” “谢格拉斯,你是疯狂之神斯酷麻猫”,有什么东西比斯酷麻还要疯狂?” 然后阿努尔说,:“再生两个就够了,太多的孩子会窃取我们的幸福。” 但是凯纳斯 跑去找法朵迈说,“妈妈,我在世界的极高之地越来越寂寞了,因为就连我的大哥阿卡什也不能飞到哪里见我” 法朵迈觉得对不起她,瞒着阿努尔又开始孕育孩子。 然后法朵迈生下了两个月亮并为她们创立运动轨迹,又生下了沙漠和森林之神奈恩i,和黄昏黎明之神阿祖拉斯。 刚生下来, 奈恩i和 阿祖拉斯就获得了他们母亲的青睐。 阿努尔发现法朵迈还在生育之后,十分的恼怒,并开始攻击她。 法朵迈只好逃到黑暗深处去生最后一个孩子。 法朵迈的孩子们听说这件事之后都赶到她身边保护她,使之免于阿努尔愤怒的伤害。 最后法朵迈在极暗之间生下了洛克哈恩,她最后一个孩子。因为洛克哈恩内心中充满了黑暗,在他出生之后,极暗之间就知道他的名字叫做纳米拉。 法朵迈i知道自己大限将至。说道:“ 贾-哈杰‘’尔, 法朵迈给予你结界,有什么能够比月相还要稳定?你永恒的轨迹将保护我们免于阿努尔愤怒的伤害。然后她把两个月亮放到天空中,阿努尔咆哮震颤着极暗虚空,但他无法穿越结界。” 然后法朵迈 说: “奈恩,我给你留下了最好的礼物。我给予你你同我今天一样的繁殖能力”。当奈恩 看到阿祖拉斯什么都没得到之后,就笑着离开了。 法朵迈所有的孩子都离开了,只剩下阿祖拉斯。然后法朵迈说“至于你,我亲爱的女儿,法朵迈为你留下了最伟大的礼物。我将给与你法朵迈的秘密”然后她对她最喜爱的女儿说了三个秘密。 法朵迈首先说道,“当奈恩 被她的孩子们占满的时候,从里面选择一支并改造他们,把他们变成最快最聪明最美丽的物种,然后把他们叫做虎人。 然后法朵迈又说:“虎人必须是最好的攀爬者,如果玛瑟 和赛甘达 的轨迹紊乱了,他们必须能爬到凯纳斯气息之处,把月亮修入正常轨道。 然后法朵迈说:“虎人必须是最好的骗子,这样才能够对阿努尔的子嗣隐藏隐藏自己的起源。 最后法朵迈说道:“虎人必须是最好的求生者,因为奈恩会妒忌他们,她将使土地变得荒瘠,将森林变得难以接近,虎人经常会陷入饥荒而且要和奈恩i战斗。 说挖这些话,法朵迈随即死去。 又过了很久,奈恩i 去找洛克哈恩,并且说道:“ 洛克哈恩 ,妈妈告诉我要生很多孩子,但是我没有地方生下他们。” 然后洛克哈恩说道:“ 我为孩子们创造了一个地方,我这就把你带到哪里生孩子。”但是洛克哈恩的心中充满了黑暗,他欺骗了他的兄弟姐妹,强迫他们和奈恩一起来到这块新大陆。 很多法朵迈的孩子逃离变成了星星,还有很多法朵迈的孩子为了让 奈恩变得更加稳定而死去。留下来的幸存者们开始惩罚 洛克哈恩。 法德迈的孩子们挖出洛克哈恩的心脏将其深埋于奈恩i地底。然后他们说,“我们诅咒你,聒噪的洛克哈恩,永远被奈恩i 践踏(于脚下)吧” 但是奈恩i 很快原谅了洛克哈恩,因为她可以生孩子了。她全身心的爱着这些孩子,在看到他最喜爱的孩子-森林人连自己的外形都不知道时还伤心的流下很多泪水。 这个时候阿祖拉斯找到她说道:“可怜的奈恩,不要哭了,我将把一种全新的人类送给你当礼物。”奈恩i停止了哭泣, 阿祖拉斯对月亮说出第一个秘密,然后月亮裂开缝隙让她进入, 阿祖拉斯带了很多介于人兽之间的森林人,把他们放置在奈恩最好的沙漠和森林中。 然后阿祖拉斯用她的智慧将其分门别类,并从其中挑选出一支,命名为虎人。并且告诉了他们第二个秘密以及秘密的重要性。然后 阿祖拉斯将他们带入月亮的结界之中,这是一个不会被奈恩窃听到秘密的合适场所。在这里, 阿祖拉斯告知他们第三个秘密,这时月光黯淡了下来进入了月沼周期,并且变成了颗粒状。 但是伊菲尔听到了第一个秘密后就背叛了阿祖拉斯。同时他不懂得保守秘密,故把阿祖拉斯的诡计告诉了奈恩。所以奈恩i让沙漠更炎热,沙子变得更坚硬,让森林更加潮湿并且充满瘴气。奈恩非常感激伊菲尔 ,并让他对剩下来的森林人进行改造。但伊菲尔并没有阿祖拉斯精巧的智慧,所以伊菲尔将他们变成了木精灵,介于野兽和人之间,然后把他们命名为波兹莫。从那时候起,他们和虎人就再也不是同一物种了。 因为伊菲尔不会保守秘密,所以在死之前把第一个秘密传遍了所有的天空。所以所有法朵迈的孩子都可以穿越月之结界。但是阿祖拉斯用她的智慧屏蔽了愤怒的阿努尔和聒噪的洛克哈恩的耳朵,所以他们永远也不会听到(这个秘密)。
  15. 原文地址:http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Withershins 作者:亚昆特·塔瓦什 翻译:花溪流萤 “好吧”Kazagha说道:“你不想说两句么?” 扎基放下手中的蜂蜜酒杯,盯着妻子看了数秒。最终不情愿的说道:“很多东西都在和我交谈,亲爱的,从A到Z,要说也说不完,所以我还是少说两句为妙。” “你难道你没想过这些?”Kazagha小心的问道。“这并不是你第一次产生疯狂偏执的妄想。想象一下,忠于黑沼泽的战斗法师们带着猥亵的表情潜伏于树下,目的是把你这个肥胖的秃顶中年裁缝掳获以作其性奴?如果你要寻求治疗,对此不需隐晦,这只是希奥格拉丝不时将于我们的小小疯狂。” “Kazagha,闭嘴”Zaki咆哮着甩门而出。甚至差点撞上他的邻居,Siyasat。 “对不起”Siyasat向着Zaki的背影道歉。他捂住耳朵,充耳不闻,径直向街道深处奔去,转弯来到了他的裁缝店。他的的首位客户正在店前等待,冲他微微一笑。Zaki试着平息自己的怒火,取出钥匙,对顾客还以微笑。 “天气不错啊”年轻人说道 “天哪”Zaki大喊道,精准的一拳将年轻人击飞,然后夺路而逃。 尽管他拒绝承认Kazagha 说的是对的,但很显然,他再一次需要药剂师的草药鸡尾酒了。象征健康,精神和体质的Tarsu神庙坐落于北方,距此只有几条街的距离,那是一座令人印象深刻的三角碑状建筑。进入大厅以前,他见到了药剂师们的领袖Halqa。 “你今天还好吧,Sa’Zaki Saf?” “我需要和Tarsu见上一面”Zaki用最冷静的口吻说道 “请稍等,我看下日程表”Halqa看着一卷卷轴说道。“紧急情况?” “大概吧”Zaki说道,随后懊恼的拍了拍头。为什么自己不能说“是”,“当然”,“确定”。 “让我看看”Halqa皱眉道。“我只能给你下周三的预约。这样可以么?” “星期三”Zaki哭喊道:“下周三,我就完全疯了,不能再早点了么?” 他在出口之前就已经预料到了结果。预约从来不会改变。某种意义上来讲,他必须接受现实。如果他刚才回答“是"就好了。 “恐怕不行”Halqa说道。“非常遗憾,请问你还需要(周三的)预约么—?” Zaki咬紧牙关走开了。他低着头在街上徘徊,避免与任何人交谈,当他抬起头来才发现自己正在朝码头走去。亲切的微风吹拂在水面上,他深深的呼了几口气让自己平静下来。当他冷静下来之后,他再次想道,那些与字母间的谈话或许不是幻觉?如果他不是偏执,只是无比敏锐?他知道问题所在了:是自己疯了,还是发生了某些超自然现象? 路上有家名字叫做ParaDocks的店铺,橱窗展示着药草,水晶,以及魔法球。窗户上写着“从早到晚的Mystical Consultation(神奇会诊?)”这值得一看,Zaki将信将疑。唯一前来码头接受治疗的人是一个愚蠢的冒险家,其他所知不详。 里面焚着香,金色与紫色的烟雾缭绕,若出其里。挂在墙上的Jijjic死亡面具怒目而视,烟雾从天花板一直延伸到地面,地上有一排诡异的书架。一张古老的桌子后面有一个小矮人正在和一个年轻女人讨价还价。 “好了”男人说道:“这些份量一共15金,我为你免费添加了一定比例的有助健康的滋补剂。请记住,只有遇到不洁之物方可点燃蜡烛,曼陀罗根茎的功效在其偏爱的黑暗中方可大放光彩” 顾客害羞的朝Zaki静静一笑,离开了商店。 “请救救我”Zaki说道:“我听到的每句对话好像一堆字母在嗡嗡叫,我不知道是我疯了,还是受什么怪诞的力量影响”。实话实说,我曾经对你的治疗方法深表怀疑,但是我已走投无路。你能结束我这场噩梦么” 小菜一碟”男人轻拍着Zaki说道:“当字母表数完的时候再进行对话,字母表是从后往前的逆时序还是从前往后的顺时序?” 逆时序,”Zaiki说道,随后纠正道:“见鬼!我指的是,现在重新从头开始变成正时序了。我要死了。你能好心告诉我,我疯了么?” “Sauriki,”男人笑着安慰道:“我不能这么讲,因为你一切正常。” “谢谢”Zaki皱眉道:“顺便一提,我的名字是Zaki,不是Sauriki。” “很容易搞混,呃?”男人拍着Zaki的后背说道:“我的名字叫做Octoplasm。请听我说,我这里有你需要的” Octoplasm带着Zaki行走于桌后的狭窄走廊里。两个男人穿过布满尘埃盛满泡着奇怪生物液体的柜橱,穿过成堆古老石子的铺成的石路,穿过一排排腐朽的皮革封皮的书籍,走入了店铺潮湿的中心区域。在这里,他交给Zaki一面小小的圆柱状的滚鼓和一本书。 “吸血仪式,迪德拉的 领域,逆时序疗法,”Zaki黑暗中瞟了书几眼呢喃道。“湮灭领域于我何干?我不是吸血鬼,你看,我有古铜色的皮肤。还有,什么是逆时序疗法,多少钱?” “逆时序,起源于古Cyrodilic withersynes,意味着倒序,” Octoplasm严肃的说:“它颠倒事情本末以控人心,击退诅咒,治愈吸血鬼,融合一切辟邪仪式。你知道有个男人听说食人鱼生活在热水里,所以他说,好吧,我们用冷水煮它们?” “Xenophus”Zaki本能回答道,他的兄弟31年前曾经在帝国大学选修过赛瑞迪尔神秘高深的哲学课程,言于此本能祈求这不是真的。“这个圆柱状的小东西有什么用?” Octoplasm点亮一根蜡烛移向圆柱体以使Zaki能够更加清楚的看清它。圆柱的周围充满了细小的裂纹,当Zaki凝视他们的时候,他看到一副黑白图像,一个裸男正在跨越一个箱子,下一个画面仍是这样。 “像这样旋转它”Octoplasm说道,缓慢的顺时针旋转圆柱,于是男人又开始一次又一次的跨越箱子。“这是西洋镜,很神奇吧,呃?现在,把它给你,逆时针旋转它,同时,读我标记在书上的咒语。” Zaki接过西洋镜,借着烛光,开始逆时针旋转,然后裸男看起来在向后跳跃。Zaki小心翼翼的使裸男的跳跃稳定在某一固定频率,但是裸男逐渐难以控制,后跳的速度变得越来越流畅直到Zaki已经无法分辨单个移动的箱子的实体。看起来就像一个类人的仓鼠在做无尽的倒退运动。在他一只手旋转西洋镜时,Zaki用另外一只手打开书,读出了画线的句子。 “西洋镜转啊转/陷我生活于泥辙/我祈求神灵勃耶西亚,凯娜瑞斯,Drisis /颠倒潜在心灵危机/我生尽管平与淡/仍不愿限于狂癫/让图案继续逆时针/西洋镜啊,反旋,反旋,反旋。” 当他咏出这个魔法,Zaki发现西洋镜中的裸男身形渐然清晰,渐近自己的形象,胡子不见了,头也秃了,腰围逐渐增大,直到从形状和外表看去,似是半瘪的圆球。亚龙人式样的鳞片接踵出现。男人跨越箱子动作开始迟滞,气喘吁吁,大汗淋漓。当Zaki吟诵完咒语,镜中的男人已然疲惫的捂着胸口,被一个又一个的箱子绊的左右支拙。 Octoplasm 从Zaki手中取回西洋镜和书籍。看起来什么都没发生。没有电闪雷鸣,没有翼蛇从头顶腾起。没有炽烈的爆发。但是Zaki觉得有些事情已经改变。积极的改变。变得真实。 柜台之上,当Zaki从包中取出金币时,Octoplasm只是摇头道:“治愈你之神力亘古传承,非你我之功,理应免费。” 带着这些日子以来久违的解脱感,Zaki步出商店,向着自己的裁缝铺走去。
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