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Anvil Mistery House 汉化

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yls727 做的汉化,不过没有找到插件的中文介绍,请英文介绍将就下,另外原版见


Anvil Mistery House


Version: 1.0 - Date: 29/12/2010

Creators: Kris † a ™, montgom, AleksTirex




I think the name was already possible to guess what will be discussed. Quite right - on the next house to the player.

But to reassure skeptics who say shya ... Again another shack, as you can and others in this spirit - should calm down, it's no ordinary house.

And no ordinary fashion. I'd sales said that this mod is a test of interesting ideas (in my opinion).

And now that the players expect - the points (about some I will Bole detail):

- Located in the Bay of Anvil (easy - this is my favorite city in Cyrodiil, and therefore he was selected),

- Mod almost all consist of new textures and a large number of models

- Consists of four rooms (living room, bedroom, dressing room and balcony)

- Six dummies in the dressing room (can be used to destination)

- Two succubi in the form of protection (very cute ... just love)).

- The maid who looks after the house and at the same time is a trading NPCs (you do not need to sell junk, repair, recharge magical thing)

- The screenshots you might guess - that the different patterns identities are taking place in this fashion (many of them - I have created),

- Chests, cabinets ... as usual - are unique to this they can not put the right things without fear that they will disappear.

Now do not tell a lot about why he is a mystic:

- Inside the house will find a mystical piano, clicking on which you can choose the background music. This does not play music that has to be fed, and tracks of different groups that I like.

Here is a list of groups, tracks that are currently already added:

1. Empyrium - Fossegrim

2. Sirenia - Glades Of Summer

3. Diary of Dreams - Kingdom of Greed

4. Beseech - Lost

5. Xandria - Lullaby

6. Within Temptation - Pale

7. Delain - See Me In Shadow

8. Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

9. We Are The Fallen - Sleep Well, My Angel

And the second reason, because of which this house is a mystical: in addition to six sets of clothes ... I did not mention this? You heard right:

- Two winter dresses (think someone watching my mods have already guessed what dresses in question)

- Two year old set (one of them you have not seen in my Scrin)

- Two, for romantic evenings (this is me by variation sets are included in the mod Lady Secrets)

So what am I doing? Ah, yes ... besides the six sets of clothes, you will still find a set of Mystic Armor. Especially for those who have all played this wonderful game, not only creates the screens.

Now with regard to his mystique. This kit will vary depending on the place of action and events that happen to your character. T / e - you will no longer swim in the 50-pound armor, as well as all normal people - will swim naked with some g-strings, run and jump over the mountains - light and not with a bucket on my head (read - the helmet). And when it's snowing - in warm clothes (woolen suit with leathern inserts) and in summer light in a minimal amount ... so as not so much tired. And just when it comes to battle, your character will wear a full set with all the protective iron things (for winter - heated and for summer - lightweight so as not it was hot). And, in all cases, it changes automatically and the player does not need to climb into a backpack, to constantly change.

As you can see, in fashion there are a few original ideas, in fact it is because of them he is a test. And only the players depends on its further development.

If people have a liking armor and they will be interested in it play modes will be developed and I'll add more to it automatically changed packages.



HGEC [Hentai Gentlemen's EyeCandy body]




1. Unpack the archive into a folder Oblivion \ Data \ (when the question about overwriting files - confirm "yes").

2. Start Oblivion Launcher, go to 'Halyards data' and connect 'AnvilBayMisteryHouse.esp'.

3. Enjoy!



1. Start Oblivion Launcher, go to the 'Data files' and disable 'AnvilBayMisteryHouse.esp'.

2. From your Oblivion \ Data \ delete 'AnvilBayMisteryHouse.esp'.



With me, you can contact by e-mail: privat@hotbox.ru

Also in my blog: http://vkontakte.ru/id38826417 or forum: http://forum.anvilbay.ru/

In Overview: http://forum.anvilbay.ru/index.php?showtopic=21606



"LittleFox" for their help in the creation of meshes.

Http://www.anvilbay.ru/ site and forum users for testing, localization and support.

License Agreement:


Prohibited the publication of this plugin (translation modifications) on other websites without permission.

Likewise, it is forbidden to use separate components, scripts, models, fragments, textures from this mod.

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