Nice Ice - The Hills Have Ice 1

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This is a simple yet dramatic visual overhaul of the glacier rocks included in GrandDukeAdense's Jerall Glacier mod (one of Unique Landscapes series).

It not only re-touches the texture, but also introduces many changes to icy-rock meshes. Thanks to careful manipulation now your ice blocks will be translucent, but not transparent; colourless like water, but with strong blue reflections which change intensity and hue, depending on weather. They're not more slippery (at least for now), but definitely look so.

I hope that this little contribution enhances your amazement in this beautiful part of Cyrodiil.

The FPS hit is negligible. There's only one (but wonderful) texture courtesy of Yuril and his Real Ice mod for Skyrim (slightly modified by me to make it compliant with Gamebryo engine), and its resolution is 1024x1024 pixels with a normal map the same size. The majority of visual impact comes from tweaking the meshes.

To see it in all its glory you need to have UL-Jerall Glacier installed and active (either the standalone version, or as part of the available compilation).

It's a simple replacement, so there's no esp for Nice Ice.

I'm sure you know how to install a replacement, but in case you don't I'll add instructions a little later today.

Note that quite recently xrayy released a very interesting HD ice retexture for Jerall Glacier. I suppose you could use it as a replacement for texture included in Nice Ice, but I cannot guarantee it will work as intended. For a texture to show its beauty with these modified meshes it must be saved as DDS DXT5, and I'm not sure how xrayy's saved that one. It's also twice as large as mine, so you might experience a slight FPS drop. But all in all it looks so good that it's worth trying - let me know how it works, if you ever try to swap these textures.


- Yuril for Real Ice and the ice texture I borrowed from that mod.

- GrandDukeAdense for UL-Jerall Glacier

(Jerall Glacier can be downloaded as a part of BAIN-ready compilation of all Unique Landscapes)

- Momo77 for his/her icicles - studying these proved that one icicle example is worth a thousand-words-tutorial ;)

- Nifskope team for Nifscope

- Bethesda for a fascinating, wonderfully moddable game.