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Oblivion Character Overhaul 1.2

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About This File

OCO version 2 has been released. This version is no longer updated or actively supported. Look to v2 for a completely rebuilt OCO!

Version 1.2 is here! This update is purely cosmetic - it greatly reduces the darkening on characters' cheeks and general facial contrast that some users found distracting. Young female humans and Dunmeri have a couple of resculpted normal maps and female Dunmeri forehead ridges resemble their Skyrim counterparts more. Specular maps have been reworked for some ages to be a bit more flattering. Made a little better lip textures. Things generally look nicer now.


OCO is an all-in-one total overhaul of how characters in vanilla Oblivion look. It both makes it far easier to create an appealing-looking player character and vastly improves NPC faces. It does a whole lot in one go:

-Makes all of the characters in Oblivion easier on the eyes as a whole without excessively beautifying or smoothing out faces - the original intent is preserved and consistent with the rest of the series

-Gives every playable race its unique head shape that builds on their distinctive features

-Elves look like proper elves now and are easy to differentiate by a glance

-Comes with full highres texture sets for each race with original sculpted normal maps and age slider steps

-Age slider now has greater distinction between old and young, young characters genuinely look young

-Modifies elf ears to be more elongated and pointy, on par with Skyrim/Morrowind standards

-Adds face patterns to Khajiit age slider

-Roughly 80% of NPC faces rebuilt to adapt new face system and vastly reduce comically distorted and discolored heads

-Adds a number of extra eye colours for Bosmer (black sclera) and Khajiit, with black-and-red MW/Skyrim style textures replacing Dunmer eyes


No other mods required. This runs as-is right off the bat! If you use a body replacer, you'll want to check if there are compatibility textures up for it.

Head textures are currently covered for vanilla Oblivion, HGEC, Robert's bodies and Navetsea's texture sets. As male and female characters share skin textures and there are closer to 100 individual textures in OCO the adaptations unfortunately do not guarantee 100% seamlessness, especially if your male and female characters use differing body texture sets. Robert's seems to be most consistent in this. I encourage initiative here to experiment with texture setups.

If you use a body replacer, the installation order is as follows:

1. Body replacer

2. (optional) Any specific textures you want to use with said replacer

3. OCO

4. OCO optional textures for the given replacer

Due to the nature of this mod doing HUGE changes to all vanilla races there are bound to be compatibility issues. Things OCO will not work together with out of the box:

-Vanilla head texture replacers (most races have been rerouted to use their own texture filepaths)

-Eye and hair mods that affect vanilla races (unfortunately they all try to modify the same race data and one overrides the other)

-Vanilla NPC replacers

-Mods that edit racial stats

-Mods that replace age slider assets

I encourage modder and mod user proactivity here as it's plainly impossible for me to cover every variable of what people might be using, as there are massive amounts of different hair and eye mods and such out there. I will gladly distribute user-made compatibility patches in my optional files! If you're reading this and wondering if using OCO will be worth the sacrifice of not running a specific cosmetic mod that would conflict with it - it definitely is. Oblivion looks like a different game now. Throughout testing the user response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

OCO does a lot of things in one go that have previously only been covered by fragmented individual mods. It's designed to function as a whole, at the cost of some ease of personalization. This was a necessary choice in order to be able to produce changes as impactful as they are now.

For the best effect I recommend starting a new playthrough of your game with OCO to experience Oblivion in a totally new light.


Bethesda Softworks - Oblivion head meshes

Luchaire - Neck seam reducer EGT files

Throttlekitty & co - Eyelashes

Optimized Facegen Files - khajiit and argonian EGTs

Headshape modifications and texture assets are all my own work.

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