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Better Alchemy Drops (With Human Hearts and Flesh) 1.0.0

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This mod makes small changes to alchemy-related drops to make certain ingredients less rare.


Beehives now respawn (Vacant beehives do not respawn, for obvious reasons.)

Giants drop 2 big toes instead of 1.

Giants drop Powdered Mammoth Tusk.

Bears drop 2 bear claws instead of 1.

Slaughterfish drop 6 scales instead of 1.

Slaughterfish nests yield 6 eggs instead of 1.

Ice wraith drop 2 teeth instead of 1.

Spriggans drop 1 bowl of spriggan sap.

Hagravens drop 3 feathers instead of 1.

Hagravens drop 2 claws. (You may get one additional claw from the standard leveled list -- I decided to leave that untouched.)

Hagravens have 50% chance of dropping random leveled soul gem and a separate 50% chance of dropping a filled black soul gem.

Clams have a 20% chance of yielding a Pearl and a separate 20% chance of yielding a Small Pearl.

Deer have a 75% chance of dropping large or small antlers instead of the default 50% chance.

Sabre Cats drop two eyes AND two teeth instead of one eye OR one tooth.

Trolls drop 3 bowls of troll fat instead of 1.

Spider egg sacs now contain 5 spider eggs.

Mora Tapinella clusters now yield between 1 and 3 usable portions.

Scaly Pholiota clusters now yield between 1 and 3 usable portions.

Falmer have 100% chance of dropping one ear and 50% chance of dropping a second ear instead of 75% chance of one ear and second 25% chance of another ear.

Bandits, Mages, Vampires, Forsworn, and Thalmor have 50% chance of dropping a human heart and a separate 50% chance of dropping human flesh. (I know Thalmor aren't human, but who doesn't want to rip their black hearts out? And some bandits, etc., aren't human either, but overlooking this made it a lot easier to add the heart and flesh drops using the CK.)


There used to be a mod on the Nexus that added Jarrin Sprig to the game, but that mod is no longer available. I decided to incorporate that idea here. It isn't nearly as strong as Jarrin Root (base strength of 25 for the sprig versus 200 for the root), but it will still make a very nice Damage Health poison. Very nice, indeed. In my mod, Babette is the only merchant who sells it. This kind of makes sense, seeing as how Nazir is from Hammerfell and most likely has sources for importing it.

This mod has been verified to be clean with Tes5Edit. No dirty edits.

植株、动物、敌人有更多炼金素材掉落,包括一些稀有素材,如Powdered Mammoth Tusk、Human Heart和Human Flesh。同时增加了一种用来炼毒的新素材Jarrin Sprig,只能在黑暗兄弟会的吸血鬼烧酒那里买到。

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