Lady Thief 1.0

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Lady Thief


Version: 1.0 - Date: 14.03.2010

Creator: Kris†a™




The idea itself was - a suit for RP players who stood on the path of the thief. T / E - which has just started playing, and went out of the sewer. At the same time, it was not to stand out from the general pattern of leather armor, which created the game's developers TES. And then, asked a question similar to the search ... and found that with all these rags that crack modders have created, rather on the war for special purposes like ... but not a thief "Middle Ages".

Enchanted kit with removable roof (for urban life and the march) will find a chest that the Anvil dock.



HGEC [Hentai Gentlemen's EyeCandy body]



1. Unpack the archive into a folder Oblivion \ Data \ (when the question about overwriting files - confirm "yes").

2. Start Oblivion Launcher, go to 'Halyards data' and connect the 'Lady Thief.esp'.

3. Enjoy!



1. Start Oblivion Launcher, go to the 'Data files' and disable 'Lady Thief.esp'.

2. From your Oblivion \ Data \ remove 'Lady Thief.esp'.



With me, you can contact by e-mail:

Also in my blog: or forum:



"Aery Soul" and "TaLaDesign" for their help in the creation of meshes.

Http:// site and forum users for testing, localization and support.

License Agreement:


Prohibited the publication of this plugin (translation modifications) on other websites without permission.

Likewise, it is forbidden to use the individual elements, fragments, textures from this mod.