Lady Dress 1.0

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Lady Dress


Version: 1.0 - Date: 08/06/2010

Creator: Kris†a™




This mod adds to the game, three colors (white, red, black) dress, each of them with different textures.

And also, the feminine version of the amulet of kings. Which is separate from the dress, and it can be used with other things.

As a bonus, added a few night shirts.

The idea was very simple: I'm playing using the modes See You Sleep ... which shows how falls / rises your character ... when goes to sleep.

And I'm tired, that he was in the best case ... goes to bed naked, or in what thread hiking duds.

As usual, coffer with a dress, nightgowns and amulet are looking at the docks of Anvil.



HGEC [Hentai Gentlemen's EyeCandy body]



1. Unpack the archive into a folder Oblivion \ Data \ (when the question about overwriting files - confirm "yes").

2. Start Oblivion Launcher, go to 'Halyards data' and connect the 'Lady Dress.esp'.

3. Enjoy!



1. Start Oblivion Launcher, go to the 'Data files' and disable 'Lady Dress.esp'.

2. From your Oblivion \ Data \ remove 'Lady Dress.esp'.



With me, you can contact by e-mail:

Also in my blog: or forum:



"Fabiana" and "Aery_Soul" for their help in the creation of meshes.

Http:// site and forum users for testing, localization and support.

License Agreement:


Prohibited the publication of this plugin (translation modifications) on other websites without permission.

Likewise, it is forbidden to use the individual elements, fragments, textures and other components of fashion.