Castle Almgard V2.5

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Castle Almgard (by Mr Siika & Centurion)


A plugin for "The Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion"

Created with US-version 1.2.0416 ("Shivering Isles" required!)

This plugin adds a buyable Castle southwest of Anvil which can be bought by the player.

Talk to "Surilus Plator" (a man with a blue dress) to buy it (he can be found in the castle courtyard of Castle Almgard from 08:00 am - 06:00 pm and 07:00 pm - 11:00 pm).

Unknown to the public, Castle Almgard always served as a base for develloping other plugins. And V2.5 contains mutch work, which never has been published before.

And I believe, that work shouldn´t be lost at all but offered to all who like a good looking castle.

So, I decided to share my "very own" version V2.5 beside the already existing one V2.4.

-"Shivering Isles" required!

-"Cobl" ("Common Oblivion") is required (only for V2.5; the previous versions don´t need "Cobl")!

Downloadlink for Cobl: TESNexus:



需求cobl,外观很华丽的城堡(因为外观模型全是新的233),在t网的好评名列前茅,略微对弱者机器无情。(本身anvil海岸对弱者机器就无情吧,这货还在anvil海岸那) 以上

看见 Mr_Siika你就应该知道 这个mod里面肯定有新模型了