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Daedric Immunities 1.0

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You've been warned...

It always bothered me that after beating the main questline of the Shivering Isles, the only thing you get are some crappy powers

The lore clearly states that Daedric Princes are immortal and they just wont die. It takes something really powerful to harm them and it is said the only way to kill one is with another one, or maybe one of the Aedras... perhaps an overpowered dragon could do the trick too.

After Sheogorath went through all the trouble of giving you his power so you could become him, and fight/free Jyggalag, you end up being the same mortal player you always were... sure you might have high level armor and weapons... you may have reached 100 in all your skills... but you're still mortal.

You can die if you swim in lava, get poisoned, you can get paralyzed, and magic can hurt you... even if it's made by bandits on the road.

Doesn't something sound just wrong with this story?

It also happens that I use Unnecessary Violence III... With that mod, the possibility of getting toasted by a magic critical hit is very real



Very simple mod

Adds an ability consistent on several immunities (lava, magic, poison, paralysis, disease, plus water breathing and 50 absorb spell and resist normal weapons)

You gain the ability after defeating Jyggalag at the end of S.I. main quest


Shivering Isles... Duh...


It's an idea... It's also a Beta mod I don't know if it's ok to have so much power in a permanent basis...

I fear it might cause trouble ahead... being immune to magic an all...


-Oblivion And Shivering Isles Devs


-FeebleFlies who made a really big contribution by helping with the script to add the spell



-Trolls: Are you one? Good for you! I don't care, now bugger off.

-It's a simple mod... shouldn't have any issues except for my fear of complications ahead I have never seen


-I hope this works without breaking anything... if it doesn't, this experiment must end, but I'd appreciate if you tell me... proof and fundament please though.

-Enter "setstage se14 5" (no quotes) in the console if you want to test the ability without needing to actually finish all the quests

-If you already finished the quest, you'll need to add the spell manually:

Get the load order number from this mod, if it's loaded the 15th mod after Oblivion.esm then that's the number, etc...

In game "player.addspell XX000ED4" where "XX" is your load order number for this mod

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