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Sun Ornament 1.0

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About This File







A combined version of the old and the new Sun Ornament has been added as an additional file. Screenshot preview is also there. Install like before :)

Update 2


A new .dds file has been added that makes the ornament smaller while not affecting the size of the sun.


SUN ORNAMENT by chakaru11


...what is this?

A simple edit of the sun.dds file to add a dynamic/moving magic circle/compass rose kind of design to the sun.

And we need this... why?

Ahaha. You don't. This is a purely cosmetic mod. It looks nifty. That's it XD


Ok ok -.- So back in the day when TERA online was released I went all "WANT" when I saw screenshots of their ingame sun, which is surrounded by a sky-spanning magic circle thingamabob. That looked so cool and I wanted that in Oblivion. I made one for myself long ago with daedric letters and everything, terribly low rez and fuzzy. It made me dizzy and looked kind of bad, but I loved it. That is the one you can see in the screenshots and the video for demonstration.

I added that old version to this file for sh*ts an giggles because it was requested. AHAHA.

For this download I made another sun ornament in higher resolution, using a magic circle designed by riyokusakimori from deviantart - who created it for a Lightning Returns design contest entry and later released it for free use as long as credit is given. So please visit riyokusakumori.deviantart.com for more aweseome stuff!

I slightly edited the circle so that it does not take up all of your sky XD

The Sun Ornament changes colour with the sun and moves around with it during the day. When the sun sets/rises, it slowly appears or vanishes, which looks very pretty. Check out the video to see what I mean :D


Since I can not go ingame due to a broken computer, taking ingame screenshots of the new version was not possible. So taking screenies is up to you :)

Does this work with Natural Environments, sunglare mods, ENBs and screen effects etc?

YES. Since this overwrites the sun.dds and not the sun glare dds files or other sun enhancements. Those remain untouched.

So how do we install this?

That's not too hard.



There are 3 dds files in this download. One is the old sun ornament I made forever ago with the daedric letters. It's smaller in file size, lower in resolution and generally not very pretty.

The other two are the new ones, one with a slight bloom to make the circle a little glowy, the other without. You can only choose one of these three and have to rename it to "sun.dds".



Relocate the "sun.dds" you have chosen to the folder it belongs.

If you are using Natural Environments, the folder structure you need to paste it to is "textures->NaturalEnvironments->sky."

THIS WILL OVERWRITE the sun.dds that is already in there, so copy paste the old one to a SAVE PLACE first. This way you can restore your old sun in case you don't like mine XD

If you are not using NaturalEnvironments, the folder structure you need to paste it to is "textures->sky."





Unlike the moon, the Oblivion sun is not a mesh following a set path in the sky. The sun is a dynamic graphic effect! Which means it moves with the player's point of view/with the camera. Which in turn means that the magic circle around the sun moves around also, rotates like a compass rose, changes size as you zoom in and out etc...

THIS CAN BE DIZZYING if you are not used to it!

So if you are prone to travel sickness or get dizzy easily, don't use this mod.

I got used to it after a while and still think it's awesome (I keep staring at it *_*), but not everyone likes that.



- the TERA ONLINE dudes for the awesome idea

- riyokusakumori on deviantart for the magic circle

- Bethesda, you know the drill.

So, that's it, have fun :D



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