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Cs eyes recources 1.0

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BEWARE! The title image is HUGE, so if you want to see the eyes in detail before downloading, check the fullview option. Thanks. Now let's get this show on the road.


C's eyes recource by chakaru11




A recource of 10 eye textures I made LONG ago. They come as "inverted" and "normal" eyes.

They are suitable for the vanilla and the Moonshadow Eye mesh. No elaborate eyes for now. I mostly use the Moonshadow eye mesh because it works with every head mesh I have come across so far, so this is what these eyes are for.

These are fantasy eyes in crazy colors, so if this is not your cup of tea I am sorry. I made them for a specific character of mine called "C" (don't ask XD) so the read color is the oirignal and all the others are the retextures. There are a few more natural colors in there, but mostly they are psychadelic and crazy.

Every single eye is different not only in color, but also in texture - so all of them have their unique glow maps and normals. I was going for a sublte, "sparkly" glow effect when I made these. So not the entire eye glows, but only the parts I thought should be emphazised. Which means the glow effect differs from eye to eye.

As I already mentioned, these eyes are OLD. So my texturing technique was kind of crude back then. But the result is still pretty in my oppinion ^^ I like them a lot.


Warning and advice:


1.) There is NO esp in here. This is a recource, so you are free to add these eyes to any race you want. But you will have to do it yourself :)

To add new eyes, open the race mod in question in the construction set, go to the characters tab in the menu bar, go to eyes, right click into the eye list and add the new eye textures. Now simultaniously open the "race" tab under the characters menu, find your race in the list, go to the second tab in the race menu and drag and drop your eyes over into the eye list on the right side of the tab. DONE.

2.) Please be AWARE that these eyes have OVERSIZED irises. It might not sound important now, but enlarged irises can change the entire look of a character a LOT. Just sayin.

3.) If you can NOT get the glow effect to work (which sometimes happens with Moonshadow eye meshes), open the eye mesh in Nifskope, click on the tiny material symbol and change the "emissive color" to white. DONE.




I am officially declaring OPEN SEASON on these. So if you want to make recolors or convert them for another eye mesh, GO AHEAD. As long as you credit me everything's golden. GO NUTS!

There are already versions of these eyes for Skyrim available, prettyfied and released by the wonderful MissAnithrope. GO GET THEM! xDD

That's it. Have fun!


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