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Crystal Torch Recolors 1.0

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WE finally have a video XD

Careful, it's spoilerish!


Crystal Torch Recolors by chakaru11


What is this?


Original crystal torch: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=41940

By popular demand, I present you 7 recolors of the crystal torch, plus the original one.

This means you get 8 rotating crystals with particle effects as fully functional torches.

The colors are blue (the original), white, yellow/gold, orange/flame, red, green, purple and Esme's torch, which is a weird color stuck between crimson and maroon. They all share the intensity and FOV of the original, so that they won't light up entire dungeons, but help you find your way.

The esp will overwrite the one from the original crystal torch upload, but no worries! Should you have the old esp activated, simply overwite. It also adds the blue one hidden in the testing hall, so if you are running around ingame using the blue torch, no harm will be done by overwriting the esp.




I am not going to spoil that. Just know this: they are in one of the IC districts. Since the crystal torches have their own "world object sound effect", you should know which district they are in as soon as you enter it. Since there are 8 torches close together, the sound effect is LOUD. You can't miss it :) Still you might not see them on first glance, since I put them somewhere "save". Torches are fickle little things and can't really be placed in the path of NPCs without the torches being catapulted halfway across the cell. So yeah, look around carefully. MY ADVICE: switch off the ingame music and WAIT TILL NIGHT TIME! Makes finding the crystal torches a lot easier and much more awesome!

Should you find them and think: "They look pretty where they are, I don't wanna pick them up!" or "What?! Why did you put them there, what am I supposed to do?!" - Do not fear! I also placed a neat, easily reachable chest with all the torches in it close by. Just run around a little, play around with camera angles and you should find it :)




I really tried my best to make the torches not only colorful, but even more unique - but failed. As in: I was unable to make a custom torch idle sound work. :(

The custom sound you hear where the torches are hidden ONLY plays as long as the crystal torches are world objects, meaning: lying around on the floor etc. As soon as you pick them up and actually use them, the vanilla torch ambient sound plays. From what I gathered. the sound effect for the torches is somehow linked to the idle animation and that is beyond my expertise. The only alternative would have been to replace the vanilla torch sound with my custom one, but then all torches would use it and where is the fun in that?

But: at least you get a nice, tinkling sound whenever you drop one of the torches. :/ Should the sound effect annoy you (since you can hear it all around that particular IC district), just delete the sound file under sound/fx/crystalTorch. Done.




Have fun using this, take tons of screenshots to make chak happy and contact her if you want to use the torches in a mod or edit them in any way. That's about it :) And now I am going to stop TLDR - ing because once you start referring to yourself in the third person, it's time to get some sleep. Whee.



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