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Crimson Wings - 2 Light bows 1.0

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Name: Crimson Wings - Two light bows

Version: 1.1

Category: weapons

Author: chakaru11


The mesh of the bow "crimson wing 1" was borked and crashed many people's games. I have tested this and was able to recreate the bug - it was my own stupidity. When everything was done after hours of work, something went wrong when I sanitized the nif file of the bow so that the animations locked up. I am terribly sorry this took an entire day to figure out, but animations are a tricky thing. I got it to work and added the working mesh to version 1.1. Sorry for the inconvenience, please re-download!

I also added the icons, so that the file should now be complete.




This is my first official mod release for Oblivion and might be my last, so yeah, long readme is LONG. Deal XD

This mod will add two red, animated "light bows" to the game. This means that they do not need a solid weapon mesh, but instead only consist of animated magic effects. Still, they are fully functional bows.

I have always had a soft spot for the ranger and archer classes, but in the end always favored mages. So this is my way of combining both, magic and archery. So if you are playing a mage based class and like to use other weapons aside from staffs, this is for you. These bows go very well with mods like "arcane archery" and the like.

The animations run in short loops to minimize the impact on your game. This was tested several times and there was never any noticable FPS drop. The animations also run in first person mode and while the bows are on the back of the character. They are fully compatible with animation replacers like Silver Ranger.

I would have loved to create animated attacks or other special effects for these bows (something close to maton's fantastic 3_bows mod), but that is beyond me. So these bows are mostly just pretty to look at. They are unenchanted - that is your job - and share the stats of daedric bows.


The glowing red arrows used in the screenshots are NOT part of this mod! They are from maton's 3_bows mod - I just retextured them red to match the bows.




The bows can be found in an animated chest at Dive Rock. So if you haven't set a fast travel marker up there yet, you will have to work a bit for these weapons.








None that I am aware of. As far as I remember (I haven't really played the game in a while), Dive Rock is not main quest relevant, so you should be fine. If you think that the animated chest blocks your view over Cyrodiil, just take the bows and disable the chest afterwards.


Mod Recs


These bows go very well with mods like

- 3_bows by maton (this has been deleted from the Nexus, you will have to google it)

- Arcane Archery (search for that on Youtube)

- The Silver Ranger animation replacer (on the Nexus)

etc etc.




Just drag and drop everything from the download folder into your "Oblivion/Data" folder and overwrite when asked. DONE.




I know this might sound harsh, but this is NOT a modders resource!

I used tons of magic effect meshes for this and making it work the way it does now took a lot of time and trial and error. So if you think "Oooh shiny magic effects, WANT!" I can not stop you from taking these weapons apart. Go on ahead, playing around with Nifskope is fun and everyone should try it at least once.


No part of this upload - the esp, the bows, the effects - is to be reuploaded anywhere in any shape or form without my permission. We clear? GOOD.

If you want to do something with this - include them in mods etc etc - please ask first and give credit where it is due.


Credits and Thanks to


Bethesda - for the vanilla bow mesh, which I used to anchor the magic effects

maton - who's fantastic "3_bows" mod inspired me to make this.

the members of TESA - for their patience and encouragement over the last year xD It's been great.

the members of TCJ - That place will always be special to me. I miss you guys!



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