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Lux Mea light blades 1.0

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原址: http://chakaru-11.livejournal.com/




Lux Mea by chakaru11

Finally :D After being inactive for weeks, my moding muse crawled out of her dusty corner and kicked me in the butt. So yeah. Shiny things :D And now we even have a video in the video tag XDD YAY.


An optional invisible "on back" mesh has been added. With this mesh in use the blades are invisible while sheathed and only visible when drawn. Please read the readme in the optional file before copy pasting it into your data folder.


What is this?


In short: THESE are the swords I had always wanted to release together with my CM Pym. Pym has always been a dual weild user - and white light blades? RAWR.

But back to the mod. The "Lux Mea" swords are a pair of dual weild "light blades" consisting only of animated light effects, no actual sword meshes. Also, there are scripted shenanigans. You have been warned.




NONE. Aside from maybe the latest OBSE. It should work without OBSE since I never launched the CS with the OBSE launcher. I do however lauch the game itself with it, so better save then sorry, yes?




The "Lux Mea" dual blades have a working "on back" script - which actually consists of 3 scripts (one for onehand, one for offhand and one for the "onback" mesh), so that there is NO conflict with shield on back mods. I tested this and all was fine and dandy.

As soon as you have equipped both the "onehand" and the "offhand" version for the first time and leave the inventory, the blades will be equipped on your back. The "on back" mesh actually appears in your inventory, it is marked with a "DM" at the end of the name. Just like the onehand and offhand versions, it weights nothing and although it is listed as a weapon you can't do anything with it. It disappears as soon as you draw the blades.

The blades themselves have several enchantments - such as light on draw (since the offhand sword is actually a shield, that part was easy), a "lightning damage" visual effect on touch for every hit and a scripted "critical hit" attack. Which was the hardest part, let me tell you.

Charges and cost are set to 0, so no recharging necessary for these babies :D Whoo!

Ingame, the script description says "11% chance for critical hit" - which is, of corse, excuse my language, bullsht xD The script activates the effect randomly whenever it sees fit. The actual "critical hit" comes with a tiny message in the top left corner of the screen, about 40-50 fire/lightning damage on touch and a nice sound effect. THATS IT xD NO visual effects at all. At first I had even thought about trying my hand at a critical hit counter, but that was really out of my league. I am a scripting noob, so I am glad this didn't blow up in my face.




In a chest in the exterior cell of Cloud Ruler Temple. So if you have not yet played the main quest that far, you will have to break in. Once you have fast traveled to the temple, look straight at the temple doors. You should see a GLOWING ORB XD

If not, watch the video in the video tab :) *wink wink nudge nudge*


Compatibility and Bugs


It seems that this mod conflicts with screen effects, but appearantly, there is a fix available here: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/415097-weird-on-hit-shader-effect/

Thank you so much DragonKnightBob!


Famous Last Words


Since this is the first time I actually scripted something, please let me know what happens on your end. It should not kill your game, but I doubt that it will work problem free on the first try XD Give it a test ride and tell me your results XD If the scripts are a total failure, at least you get a pretty pair of shiny light blades, yes? :D Smile and nod. Thank you.




I know this might sound harsh, but this is NOT a modders resource!

I used tons of magic effect meshes for this and making it work the way it does now took a lot of time and trial and error. So if you think "Oooh shiny magic effects, WANT!" I can not stop you from taking these weapons apart. Go on ahead, playing around with Nifskope is fun and everyone should try it at least once.


No part of this upload - the esp, the bows, the effects - is to be reuploaded anywhere in any shape or form without my permission. We clear? GOOD."

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