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    Immersive Interiors - Imperial City

    Immersive Interiors
    Imperial City
    Thanks everybody for your endorsements and votes, you made this mod a hot file. I really appreciate all the support!

    This mod continues the work from SomeWelshGuy adding the long awaited Imperial City to the Immersive Interiors series of mods.

    Basically this mod allows you to see the Imperial City when looking to the outside from the interior windows.

    Creating this mod was not an easy task, no wonder nobody released it before, the interiors do not match the exteriors and in the Imperial City this goes to a higher degree. For example, in Ungolim's house in Bravil, if you look from the outside you can see three frontal windows and two in the left wall, but when you enter the house, there is only one, closed, lateral window. That's just a small detail on Ungolim's house, but on the Imperial City things get bigger.

    First the interiors are much bigger than their exteriors, for example, the King and Queen Tavern has two lateral windows from the outside, but three from the inside; and while the houses are curved from the outside, they are perfectly square in the inside, so I needed to move some stuff to give the correct effect. And second, the houses have windows where it does not make any sense, for example, Tertius Favonious' house is in between the Guard House and Othrelos' house, still it has windows at the left wall when you enter, so I had to hide some windows.

    This mod is a work in progress and so does not include the whole of Imperial City, each release will include a new district and all the previous. So v0.2 will include the Elven Gardens District and so on. No need to keep multiple esps.

    List of supported districts by version:
    0.1 Elven Gardens District
    0.2 Imperial Prison
    0.3 Arcane University
    0.4 Market District
    0.5 Talos Plaza District
    0.6 Temple District
    0.7 Green Emperor Way (Imperial Palace)
    1.0 Waterfront

    The Arboretum does not have any buildings. The Arena is already covered by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch which is highly recommended. The Temple is covered by All Natural which is a Requirement.

    This mod is already manually cleaned, there's no need for you to clean it.

    # Requirements
    All Natural - Controls the weather and has the transparent window meshes. OBSE - Required by All Natural.
    Here's the list of the previous mods in the Immersive Interiors series adding the other cities, they are not required by this mod, but it does not make any sense to download this mod and not have them.
    Immersive Interiors by SomeWelshGuy Immersive Interiors Landscape AddOn by Gruftikus Immersive Interiors - Bravil, Leyawiin & New Sheoth by 127ms Immersive Interiors Patches by An_dz (me)

    Load Order
    It just has to load after All Natural.

    The order between the Immersive Interiors mods is irrelevant.

    # Open Cities Outer Districts Patch

    I've created an optional patch for Open Cities Outer Districts. This patch replaces the magical purple flames to the same flames included in OC-OD that turn off during daylight.

    This patch is not required, it's just so the flames also match their states from the outside. The patch was made entirely with TES4Edit so it's clean.

    Open Cities Outer Districts is available with any version of Open Cities:
    Open Cities Classic Open Cities Reborn

    # BAQ (Before Anyone Questions)

    Q. I have a mod that changes the Imperial City or one of the interiors, can you create a compatibility patch for it?
    Q. Can you offer a version that does not require All Natural?
    A: No. I don't have time for that.

    Q. Can I see the Imperial Palace?
    A: But of course.

    Q. I found a bug, there's a Fly Amanita missing in a very far place visible in an almost impossible angle.
    A: Seriously?

    Q. Should I report if I have an FPS drop?
    A: Sure, just let me know in which house it is, and which walls you were facing. How much FPS drop you had is also a good information. I tried my best to remove the maximum of objects that are not visible, but on heavy areas I might need to optimise.

    Q. There's a bug in one of the other Immersive Interior mods, can I report it to you?
    A: Yes, I'm willing to fix the bugs from the older Immersive Interiors as well as adding any missing interiors for them.

    # Landscape LOD - Thanks to tes4ll

    The Imperial Palace & Waterfront terrain LOD were generated with tes4ll by Gruftikus using all official DLCs plus the unofficial patches and Open Cities Classic.

    A huge personal thanks to Gruftikus for all the help, tips and assistance to generate the best looking LOD with good optimisations.

    # Legal

    This mod is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, which means:

    As long as you credit me and declare the mod original download page is this page, linking here, you can:
    Modify this file and upload it anywhere Upload anywhere as long as you do not receive any monetary compensation (like charging for the mod or hiding the download link under some ad link)

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    原帖 http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46272/?

    更詳細的請到他那有跟巫師3比較的影片還有他的遊戲影片 跟他用的一些美化 這邊我只有用渣機亂拍幾張 ...最後一張是巫師3畫面


    內容物有紅月 作者的燈光設定 跟天空雲朵還有ENB是4合1包

    這邊上傳不了 到百度盤吧
    http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c0vwiEO 碼8axk

    PS: 覺得不錯的話請到N網幫他按個喜歡吧 原作好像調整了一個月的ENB .... 他的東西我加載在AN天氣之後 加載完看你要不要清一下髒東西 蠻多的就是了 我是有清理

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    << 概要 >>


    << インストール >>


    << 改変・再配布等について >>


    << Credits / Thanks >>

     ・Bethesda Softworks

    << History >>

     2013.07.27 初版


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    Sun Ornament





    UPDATE 1
    A combined version of the old and the new Sun Ornament has been added as an additional file. Screenshot preview is also there. Install like before

    Update 2
    A new .dds file has been added that makes the ornament smaller while not affecting the size of the sun.

    SUN ORNAMENT by chakaru11

    ...what is this?

    A simple edit of the sun.dds file to add a dynamic/moving magic circle/compass rose kind of design to the sun.

    And we need this... why?

    Ahaha. You don't. This is a purely cosmetic mod. It looks nifty. That's it XD


    Ok ok -.- So back in the day when TERA online was released I went all "WANT" when I saw screenshots of their ingame sun, which is surrounded by a sky-spanning magic circle thingamabob. That looked so cool and I wanted that in Oblivion. I made one for myself long ago with daedric letters and everything, terribly low rez and fuzzy. It made me dizzy and looked kind of bad, but I loved it. That is the one you can see in the screenshots and the video for demonstration.
    I added that old version to this file for sh*ts an giggles because it was requested. AHAHA.

    For this download I made another sun ornament in higher resolution, using a magic circle designed by riyokusakimori from deviantart - who created it for a Lightning Returns design contest entry and later released it for free use as long as credit is given. So please visit riyokusakumori.deviantart.com for more aweseome stuff!

    I slightly edited the circle so that it does not take up all of your sky XD

    The Sun Ornament changes colour with the sun and moves around with it during the day. When the sun sets/rises, it slowly appears or vanishes, which looks very pretty. Check out the video to see what I mean

    Since I can not go ingame due to a broken computer, taking ingame screenshots of the new version was not possible. So taking screenies is up to you

    Does this work with Natural Environments, sunglare mods, ENBs and screen effects etc?

    YES. Since this overwrites the sun.dds and not the sun glare dds files or other sun enhancements. Those remain untouched.

    So how do we install this?

    That's not too hard.

    There are 3 dds files in this download. One is the old sun ornament I made forever ago with the daedric letters. It's smaller in file size, lower in resolution and generally not very pretty.
    The other two are the new ones, one with a slight bloom to make the circle a little glowy, the other without. You can only choose one of these three and have to rename it to "sun.dds".

    Relocate the "sun.dds" you have chosen to the folder it belongs.

    If you are using Natural Environments, the folder structure you need to paste it to is "textures->NaturalEnvironments->sky."
    THIS WILL OVERWRITE the sun.dds that is already in there, so copy paste the old one to a SAVE PLACE first. This way you can restore your old sun in case you don't like mine XD

    If you are not using NaturalEnvironments, the folder structure you need to paste it to is "textures->sky."



    Unlike the moon, the Oblivion sun is not a mesh following a set path in the sky. The sun is a dynamic graphic effect! Which means it moves with the player's point of view/with the camera. Which in turn means that the magic circle around the sun moves around also, rotates like a compass rose, changes size as you zoom in and out etc...
    THIS CAN BE DIZZYING if you are not used to it!
    So if you are prone to travel sickness or get dizzy easily, don't use this mod.

    I got used to it after a while and still think it's awesome (I keep staring at it *_*), but not everyone likes that.


    - the TERA ONLINE dudes for the awesome idea
    - riyokusakumori on deviantart for the magic circle
    - Bethesda, you know the drill.

    So, that's it, have fun

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    Snowy Road To Bruma

    转自 Yuril 的上古卷轴5资源,替换了Bruma的鹅卵石和Jerall Mountains沿路的雪地材质。

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    SonicEthers Beaming Sunglare


    Sonic Ether's
    Beaming Sunglare 1.2 /
    1. About
    2. Installation
    3. Version History
    4. Contact Me
    1. About
    Beaming Sunglare is a mod for Oblivion that highly
    improves the sun's glow/glare. Vanilla Oblivion's sun
    looked more like a very bright moon, allthough it wasn't
    horrible, I felt that it needed something more. I have
    replaced the sunglare textures with more dramatic and vivid
    ones, all made by me from scratch in Photoshop CS3. If you
    have any questions, or would like to see the original psd,
    see the Contact Me section below.

    2. Installation

    There are two versions you can decide to install
    (the original glare or the newer "sharp" glare). Extract
    the corresponding files into your Oblivion Data directory,
    (e.g. C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data).
    If you are using Natural Environments, install the sun
    textures to ...\Data\Textures\NaturalEnvironments\Sky
    For some users, the next few steps are completely
    unnecessary. If the glare is not working simply by
    extracting the textures into your Data folder, follow the
    next steps.
    Next, download Oblivion Mod Manager:
    Once you have installed OBMM, open it, and go to
    utilities, on the right side, and select "Archive
    Invalidation". Refer to the included file 'Archive
    Invalidation Settings.jpg' for the settings that are
    known to work.
    What does this do? Well, it tells Oblivion
    that it needs to search for new replacement textures before
    loading it's own. You'll need to do this with every texture
    replacement mod you download, so it is good to know how
    and why to take this step.

    3. Version History
    v.1.2: Redesigned a new "sharp" glare type.
    v.1.1: Fixed incorrect name of one of the textures
    v.0.5: initial release

    4. Contact Me
    If you have any questions, or comments, please feel
    free to e-mail me at sonicether@hotmail.com. I'll get back to
    you as soon as possible!


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    Parallaxed Qarl Textures

    取代大量QTP2 的材質, 增加Parallax Shader 至堡壘、廢墟、城堡、各城市 (除了IC)

    Parallaxed Qarl Textures 1.0
    Parallaxed Qarl Textures 1.1 Update
    Parallaxed Qarl Textures 1.11 Update

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    BTQ landscape Lods

    A 2048x2048/4096x4096 Landscape Lods designed to fit with "Better Tiling textures for Qarl" (BTQ) mod. Hit ca be used as a stand-alone mod too.

    Better Tiling textures for Qarl 的 LOD 包,包括 2048x2048 和 4096x4096 两个版本。

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    Qarl's Normal Maps Reduced 2.0

    QTP2 的非官方补充包,用来替换 QTP2 中高分辨率的材质,大部分法线贴图缩小到原来的 1/4,让 256Mb 显卡的机子也能用上 QTP2.

    QNMR 1.0 把 300Mb 的材质缩小到 75Mb,如果你想要更低材质的可以使用该版本,本版本(Qarl's Normal Maps Reduced 2.0)则缩小到 90Mb。

    此mod引用了 QTP2 的原版法线贴图(和 Skingrad Roof Textures),大部分法线贴图都在 Photoshop 中通过 bicubic sharper resampling 降低分辨率,从而避免在 QTP1 出现的难看的块状视觉效果,部分法线贴图保留原状,因为压缩后效果不好。

    另一方面,这个版本已经包含了使用 Better Tiling textures for Qarl v1_11 所需的正确法线贴图,换句话说,你不需要再安装 BTSR 了。

    1 ) Qarl's Texture Pack 2
    2 ) Skingrad Roof Textures
    3 ) Better Tiling for Qarl 1.11
    4 ) Qarl Normal Maps Reduced 2.0

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    BTSR Normal Maps Reduced


    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    BTSR Normal Maps Reduced: Better Tiling & Skingrad Roof Textures

    by dev_akm, Qarl, Mikal33, Blade9722 and MrWiseman


    BTSR Normal Maps Reduced 主要是针对 Better Tiling Textures、Skingrad Roof Textures 和 Qarl's Normal Maps Reduced 1.0 的补丁包。当然,这边提到的这几个(包括 BTSR Normal Maps Reduced )都是针对 QTP2 的非官方补充包。
    此文件继续降低 QTP2 和 Skingrad Roof Textures 的法线贴图高分辨率图片为更小的法线贴图。

    1) Qarl's Texture Pack 2
    2) Skingrad Roof Textures
    3) Better Tiling Textures
    4) Qarl's Normal Maps Reduced
    5) BTSR Normal Maps Reduced

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    Qarls Normal Maps Reduced


    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Qarl's Normal Maps Reduced: Unofficial Option Pack for Qarl's Texture Pack 2

    by dev_akm, Qarl, and MrWiseman


    QNMR 2.0 已经放出。建议使用 QNMR 2.0 除非说你一定要使用这个的话。

    这个是 Qarl's Texture Pack 2 (QTP2) 的非官方补充包。把 QTP2 中高解析度的法线贴图替换成更低解析度。让文件大小缩小到 1/4 ,从而使 256Mb 的显卡也可以使用 QTP2,同时游戏中也不会发现太大的画质变化。

    1) Qarl's Texture Pack 2
    2) Skingrad Roof Textures
    3) Better Tiling Textures
    4) Qarl's Normal Maps Reduced
    5) BTSR Normal Maps Reduced

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    Better Tiling textures for Qarl v1_11

    用來整合QTP2 (近景) BTQ (遠景), 讓中等視距內的材質
    更加清晰; 去除疊片(tiling) 現象, 讓你享受綠草如茵的感覺

    Better Tiling Textures v1.11 只適用於QTP2 (QTP3 已內建)

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    Skingrad Roof Textures: Unofficial AddOn for Qarls Textures

    提供1024x1024 解析度的材質檔, 用來取代QTP2 2個256x256 低解析度的文件
    (Skingrad 的金屬屋頂, 應該是QTP2 打包時遺漏了)

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    Qarl's Texture Pack 2

    將下列Cyrodiil 的物件替換成高解析度的材質:
    Architecture (建築物 - 城堡、房屋、堡壘)
    Landscape (景物)
    Rocks (岩石)
    Clutter (雜物, ex. 桶子跟箱子)

    QTP2 的相關訊息可參考QTP2 World Textures

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    Refraction and menu Shader Replacment

    4種替換的refraction shaders
    8種替換的選單shaders (當你按Esc 時, 背景會變成黃色, 此mod 提供了正常顏色和其他效果的選單shaders)

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    Nighteye Shader Replacement

    提供許多版本的夜視效果Shader, 有高亮、紅外線...
    安裝時有Shader 選項和預覽圖

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    Fort dungeon textures

    使用 5 种来自于 Langleys Wood Metal and Stone Textures Workshop 的材质。



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    Cave textures

    以下是作者 jaassu 原话翻译

    Skyrim 有很多很好的地牢材质包,我总觉得 Oblivion 的地牢太过于单调了。所以我就找 Skyrim 材质包的作者之一 CaBaL120 并获得权限将他的资源转到 Oblivion 里。

    本 mod 所有资源来源于:aMidianBorn Caves by CaBaL


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    Animated Window Lighting System and Chimneys - AWLS

    - 取代Oblivion 的窗户材质
    - 依照使用的plugin, 出现不同的窗户开关灯特效 (需要OBSE)
    - 增加烟囱冒烟的特效 (需安装选用的chimney replacer meshes)

    原本是基于Texian's Window Lighting System 修改的mod, 让各地的房子窗户在晚上时能透出灯光
    功能跟Illumination Within 类似, 但IW是根据建筑物的地点起作用, 只支援官方的建筑物, 而AWLS是
    直接修改窗户的meshes, 所以适用于Cyrodiil 所有的建筑物, 包括Bananasplit Better Cities


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    Nice Ice - The Hills Have Ice


    This is a simple yet dramatic visual overhaul of the glacier rocks included in GrandDukeAdense's Jerall Glacier mod (one of Unique Landscapes series).

    It not only re-touches the texture, but also introduces many changes to icy-rock meshes. Thanks to careful manipulation now your ice blocks will be translucent, but not transparent; colourless like water, but with strong blue reflections which change intensity and hue, depending on weather. They're not more slippery (at least for now), but definitely look so.
    I hope that this little contribution enhances your amazement in this beautiful part of Cyrodiil.

    The FPS hit is negligible. There's only one (but wonderful) texture courtesy of Yuril and his Real Ice mod for Skyrim (slightly modified by me to make it compliant with Gamebryo engine), and its resolution is 1024x1024 pixels with a normal map the same size. The majority of visual impact comes from tweaking the meshes.

    To see it in all its glory you need to have UL-Jerall Glacier installed and active (either the standalone version, or as part of the available compilation).

    It's a simple replacement, so there's no esp for Nice Ice.

    I'm sure you know how to install a replacement, but in case you don't I'll add instructions a little later today.

    Note that quite recently xrayy released a very interesting HD ice retexture for Jerall Glacier. I suppose you could use it as a replacement for texture included in Nice Ice, but I cannot guarantee it will work as intended. For a texture to show its beauty with these modified meshes it must be saved as DDS DXT5, and I'm not sure how xrayy's saved that one. It's also twice as large as mine, so you might experience a slight FPS drop. But all in all it looks so good that it's worth trying - let me know how it works, if you ever try to swap these textures.

    - Yuril for Real Ice and the ice texture I borrowed from that mod.
    - GrandDukeAdense for UL-Jerall Glacier
    (Jerall Glacier can be downloaded as a part of BAIN-ready compilation of all Unique Landscapes)
    - Momo77 for his/her icicles - studying these proved that one icicle example is worth a thousand-words-tutorial
    - Nifskope team for Nifscope
    - Bethesda for a fascinating, wonderfully moddable game.

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    大幅改善原版草的质量-Oblivion Grass Overhaul



    MUST HAVE ARCHIVE INVALIDATION ENABLED! Either through Archive Invalidation Invalidated and used through the Ini file or through Oblivion Mod Manager (File Types to Include: Textures, Other Options: Ignore normal maps and Generate archiveinvalidation entries on hash collision.)

    The grass used is the grass from Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria by Brittany. The grass textures are from Qarl's Texture Pack 3.
    I went in a redone all of the Qarl's ground textures that had that neon green colour and changed them to something that blends in
    with the grass. The esp in this mod doesn't have to be activated, but it is used to fix messy textures. Does support Shivering Ilse
    and any mod that has default grass. If there are any problems let me know, I will keep an eye on this mod and will
    update it due to comments/pictures.

    Recommended Mods:

    Disappearing Grass Fix for Oblivion and Nehrim
    PK LandscapeLOD Color
    Deathb0rns Modified Qarls LOD Normal Maps
    The Noise texture from my other mod (Anything Improved).


    Oblivion patch 1.2
    A pretty decent Graphics Card (Enable Large Textures)
    Archive Invalidation (MUST)


    Backup your plants and landscape folders in Texture and Meshes folders. Then move the Textures and Meshes folder
    from this mod into the Data files. Esp is optional but if that is also moved then activate that in the Launcher.


    Delete the esp, The Landscape folder and plants folder in the Textures folder and Plants in the meshes folder. Then
    restore your original files that were said to be backed up.

    Known Issues:
    Some parts of the Terrain may disappear, just save it in that location and load it back, it will go back to normal. I haven't tried it yet but the mod "Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v3" may fix this issue before hand.


    Brittany (For most of it )
    Qarl (Because he makes good textures )

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    Improved Trees and Flora 2


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    REALLY Almost Everything Visible When Distant

    Visible When Distant(或者简称 VWD)表示远景的景物(简称远景)。

    REALLY Almost Everything Visible When Distant(通常被称为 Really AEVWD 或者 RAEVWD)是现在实现远景最流行、最适度、经过优化的模组。


    AEVWD Large: 强化后的低分辨率材质;
    UOMP: Battlehorn Castle (需要安装对应的官方DLC);
    Oblivion: 仅城墙模型;
    Brumbek: VWD illuminated windows、优化后的低分辨率材质、可选择安装的QTP3低分辨率材质包,以及许多模型与材质上的修复;
    我: 重新产生了所有的建筑、亚历德之井以及帝国城堡模型已达到更好的质量,另外减少了多边(Polygon)的数量。非官方补丁中的修复也尽可能的应用到这里面

    整体的目标就是提供一款既强化视觉效果,又不会对游戏性能造成太大影响。之所以我这种想法主要是我逐渐发现,即使是很高端的电脑,安装整套丰富的VWD后,显存占用会很快飙升,导致游戏卡顿,甚至是跳出,而这些占用即使借助 Streamline 3.1 也是无法处理掉的。此MOD把显存占用限制在了一定的范围,在lag或者卡顿上做了很大的功夫。




    性能 · Performance

    你会发现你的电脑还是无法承载,但这是意料之中的。。。即使你是ATI 5900、2G内存、4GHz CPU。

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2Ghz
    8GB 系统内存
    AMD/ATI Radeon HD4870 2GB 显存,10.6 的催化剂驱动。设置为强制4xAA+16xAF。
    Windows 7 家庭高级版64位。

    QTP3 Redimized
    Brumbek 的 QTP3 远景材质,低分辨率版本
    Zacharot's 2048x2048 distant land textures.
    All Natural(选择高材质)
    所有模型都用 PyFFI 过。
    Enhanced Vegetation 高材质版
    Oblivion.exe 打了 4GB 补丁。


    为了测试,Oblivion Stutter Remover 也关掉了,以显示真是的FPS(OSR会锁定FPS)。

    测试一:uGridsDistantCount 和 uGridDistantTreeRange(这两个都是Oblivion.ini里面的参数,我猜你应该不会陌生才对)都设置为 25。你可以发现,不论配置多好,整个俯瞰图最多也只能维持在14FPS。

    测试二:uGridsDistantCount 降到了18。可以很清楚的看到画面发生了变化——远处的物品没那么多了。需要注意的是,没必要将 uGridDistantTreeRange 的数值设置得高于 uGridsDistantCount ,因为并不会显示。这样设置的话,整个FPS则维持在30。

    普通情况下,你通常并不会把远景设置得太远(整个山都是光秃秃的,没啥好看的)。再安装个 Streamline 或者其他雾气调整模组(All Natural 之类的),你就会发现你根本不怎么注意远景了。

    截图中所在位置为白金塔顶,帝都正中央。这是一个测试远景的理想地点,因为除了塔本身,周围并没有近景。同时通过控制台把 All Natural 的天气给关掉了。所以你看到的就是98%的远景,2%的则为其他内容。


    因为很多MOD都增加了建筑,所以上面的远景也不纯粹是 Really AEVWD 的,比如你可以在右边看到Verona Bay、独立景观UL Imperial Isle增加的农舍,AFK_Weye对维伊镇的调整、以及左边的大堡垒。不过我最终还是没搞懂为什么测试二比测试一的显存占用还高,而且多个测试的结果都是一样的。



    需求 · Requirements
    TES4LODGen,你必须使用 TES4LODGen 来生成新的远景信息。

    安装 · Installation
    一共是 10 个文件:

    RAEVWD_QTP3_Texture_Pack_by_Brumbek-20053-1-5,给QTP3用户使用的,材质已降低。需要先安装RAEVWD-20053-1-9-1。内置的材质是Illumination VWD Brumbek Textures,不喜欢的麻烦自行修改。
    RAEVWD_SI_Bomret_Textures-20053,给Bomrets SI用户使用的,安装顺序为 Bomrets SI -> RAEVWD SI Edition -> RAEVWD SI Bomret Textures(前两个顺序可调换)

    (窗口发光的效果请参考上面的Illumination VWD Brumbek Textures。)

    RAEVWD_Darker_Imperial_City_Texture_Pack_by_Fcara1-20053-1,给 Darker Imperial City 玩家使用。替换了原版或者QTP的材质为低分辨率版。安装顺序为 Darker Imperial City -> RAEVWD -> RAEVWD QTP3 Texture Pack(如果有安装的话) -> RAEVWD Darker Imperial City Texture Pack

    RAEVWD_Darker_Regal_IC_Texture_Pack-20053-1,给 Darker Regal Imperial City 玩家使用。替换了原版或者QTP的材质为低分辨率版。安装顺序为 Darker Regal Imperial City -> RAEVWD -> RAEVWD QTP3 Texture Pack(如果有安装的话) -> RAEVWD Darker Regal IC Texture Pack

    RAEVWD_Koldorn_Ayleid_Ruins-20053,给 Koldorn Ayleid Textures 玩家使用,让亚历得之井更显棕色,而不是灰色。可以不安装 Koldorn Ayleid Textures 直接使用,不过建议安装。

    RAEVWD_Elsweyr_Anequina_V3-20053-1,给 Elsweyr Anequina 玩家使用,材质已降低.

    RAEVWD-20053-1-9-1 的安装说明
    安装包是BAIN格式的,包含安装向导,建议直接使用Wrye Bash安装。

    本来是不支持OMOD的,但是TheNiceOne分享了一个OMOD脚本(RAEVWD omod Installer),请自行阅读说明转换使用。


    00 Core - 此目录内包含了游戏中的船只所使用的模型,不过是优化过的版本。帝都以及其他城市的城墙。

    01 City Plugins - 此插件用来让远景显示帝都或者其他城市的。这部分是可选的,不强制安装。

    02 City Architecture - 主要是修改城市内的建筑。野外部分城镇也会用到此部分内容,不过在原版游戏中比较少见。

    03 Imperial City Architecture - 对帝都额外的模型。大部分内容在城外都不使用。

    04 Wilderness Architecture - 包含主要城市外大部分的建筑:农场、较低等级的建筑、修道院、港湾以及道路神祠。

    05 Ayleid Ruins - 仅包含亚历得之井部分的模型。

    06 Imperial Forts - 仅包含帝国堡垒部分的模型。

    07 Large Rocks - 2080体积的石块的模型,以及安维尔附近的黄金海岸里的大石块。

    08 Ships - 就是船的模型,包括沉船。

    09 Statues - 各种九圣灵或者狄德拉神明的雕像。

    10 Higher Detail Castles - 城墙或者城堡的模型,比原版更多的多边形。

    11 Higher Detail IC Bridges - 帝都附近桥梁的模型。

    RAEVWD_SI_Edition-20053-1-7 的安装说明
    安装包是BAIN格式的,包含安装向导,建议直接使用Wrye Bash安装。

    本来是不支持OMOD的,但是TheNiceOne分享了一个OMOD脚本(RAEVWD omod Installer),请自行阅读说明转换使用。


    00 Core - 包含优化后的战栗孤岛远景模型,包括其他部分需要用到的材质。

    01 City Plugin - 用来让远景显示

    02 New Sheoth Architecture - 新希奥斯的建筑。因为构造的问题,这部分内容不会出现在城外的建筑中。

    03 Wilderness Architecture - 新希奥斯外野外的建筑,比如桥梁、房屋、雕像以及营地。

    04 Dungeons - 古老废墟以及根状地下城的模型。

    05 Rocks - 岛中大石块的模型。

    06 Mushroom Trees - 蘑菇树的模型,因为这些东西不像其他树木一样会晃动。

    07 Higher Detail New Sheoth Palace - 新希奥斯皇宫的高清模型。比原版的更详细。

    08 Higher Detail New Sheoth City Walls - 新希奥斯城墙的高清模型。比原版的更详细。

    如果你都需要的话,就全装上吧,然后就可以运行 TES4LODGen 再游戏了。
    未提供 DistandLOD 目录,所以你必须下载并允许 TES4LODGen 。具体用法见此图。

    卸载 · Uninstallation

    选项 · Options

    RAEVWD Cities.esp 涵盖到了科瓦奇和帝都以外的所有城市。所做的调整是在城墙后面妥当的位置防止一些建筑物和树木。此插件与 Open Cities (Classic 或者 Reborn) 100%兼容。但不要与 Better Cities (现在已经包含了 Open Better Cities) 一起使用,否则你的远景内容会加倍,然后从远处看向城市时,整个性能会骤降。

    RAEVWD Imperial City.esp 则在帝都的城墙后面防止建筑物或者数目。与 Open Cities (Classic 或者 Reborn) 完美兼容。但与 Better Cities 不兼容。与 Better Cities 一起使用会导致远处看向帝都时FPS骤降。
    远景中教堂的位置则没有修复,因为 Unofficial Oblivion Patch 已经修复了,如果你没有使用 UOP 的话...为什么你不使用呢?
    安维尔走廊以及班尼鲁斯庄园也没有修复,同样是因为 UOP 已经处理了。

    RAEVWD New Sheoth.esp 涵盖了新希奥斯的树木、建筑等,让你可以看到墙后的物体。与 Open Cities New Sheoth 冲突。

    关于FPS降低的处理方式 · Dealing With FPS Drain
    Oblivion.ini 里面的 uGridDistantCount 数值默认为 25 。你可以降低到 20 或者 15 ;
    使用 Oblivion Stutter Remover,可以减少场景切换时加载大量的资源;
    安装并调整好 Streamline 以控制雾的距离,如果可能的话,顺便开启 FPS manager(FPS管理器);
    如果你有使用 Better Cities 的,可以试着删掉 Imperial City VWD 部分的内容,然后重新运行一边 TES4LODGen ;
    如果你用了这里面的ESP插件,请卸载掉再运行一边 TES4LODGen 。城市建筑,特别是帝都对FPS的影响特别大;
    如果有安装 10 Higher Detail Castles 或者 11 Higher Detail IC Bridges 的则卸载掉。
    如果有安装 08 Ships 的则卸载掉。
    还是还是不够的话,你可能需要把所有 XXX Architecture 也卸载掉了。

    还是不行的,这个MOD应该就完全不适合你的电脑了。你可能需要考虑升级电脑。对于 RAEVWD 来说,你首先应该考虑升级CPU。

    兼容性 · Compatibility

    已知问题 · Known Issues




    常见问题与解答 · FAQ

    3、Oblivion.ini 中 fLightLOD2 的数值太高。
    请先检查ini的设置,确保 fLightLOD2 和 fLightLOD 的数值都低于 4000 。即使是原版数值,部分情况也可能会产生这种怪象。Cities Alive at Night 玩家应该特别注意着点,因为作者让你把此项数值设置为 15000 ,这已经超过限制了。




    致谢名单 · Credits

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  25. 免费

    Qarl’s Texture Pack 3 Full + UOP QTP3补丁+ Bomret Texture Pack for SI

    Qarls Texture Pack III Full v1_3:http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/18498/?
    UOP QTP3补丁:http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5296/?
    Bomret Texture Pack for SI:http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/28378/?

    这里面包含了QTP3 Full 1.3版本体、相对应的UOP修正补丁以及QTP3作者制作的战栗孤岛独立美化包,之所以把这几个绑定在一起是因为个人感觉这几个加起来才能算是一套完整的美化。
    具体说明以及注意事项请去阅读冰版博客中的"世界美化“以及”Unofficial Oblivion Patch 介绍与汉化“与QTP3相关部分的文章,链接如下

    其中QTP3 full里有11个omod...一个一个安装即可,它们之间本身是无任何文件重复的


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